If you are thinking about buying a nice comfortable two-wheeler for your senior citizen parents, or if you yourself are looking for a hassle-free two-wheeler to get around the city and do household errands, then look no further.

Here are the top 5 two-wheelers designed to ease the burden of transportation for senior citizens.

1. TVS Jupiter

The new TVS Jupiter comes with 15% more increased mileage than its older siblings. It has an all-weather hassle-free automatic starter capability, so you don’t have to expend energy kick-starting it during colder months.

It is easy to handle, and the 12-inch wheels offer a comfortable riding experience while manoeuvring through heavy traffic and pothole-filled roads. The spacious legroom provides ample space for your legs as well as any shopping bags.

The rightly placed handles will also help keep your posture straight. Soft cushions and more under the seat storage make TVS Jupiter the go-to option for senior citizens.

a. Price - Rs 62,062 - 64,062
b. Mileage - 62 kmpl

2. Suzuki Access 125

Great mileage, low maintenance and excellent stability make Suzuki Access one among the top two-wheelers in India. The front disc brakes provide smooth braking experience, and you will not be jolted upfront when pushing sudden brakes.

There is a charging port for your mobile and external fuel filling setting. There is ample boot space to pack in all your household errands. All in all, Suzuki Access is an affordable option with excellent mileage.

a. Price - Rs. 68,800 - 73,400
b. Mileage- 52.45 kmpl

3. Honda Dio

You can ride Honda Dio through a dreadful road every day, and it would still not complain. It is an easy to use two-wheeler that can take in even the hardest terrain without so much as a dent in its armour.

It has an external fuel filling option, seat opening switch, comfortable riding postures, and outstanding mileage. The side stand indicator with engine cut-off function is another cool feature. The big LED lamps will help you navigate through the darkest of nights. The digital dash offers great many information.

a. Price - Rs. 61,497 - 64,847
b. Mileage - 48 kmpl

4. Hero Pleasure

Hero Pleasure is a compact, light-weight scooter that comes with a peppy engine. The graceful design holds within it copious amounts of boot space. The easy automatic starter makes way to excellent pickup and proficient mileage.

Pleasure proudly wears the badge of being a low maintenance affordable scooter. Boot Lights and LED Tail Lights are other magnificent features included in Hero Pleasure

a. Price - Rs.55,600
b. Mileage - 53 kmpl.

5. Honda Activa 125

If there is one steady model that you can bank your money on, then it is Honda Activa. The under-seat storage capacity here is a whopping 18 litres. You can also go with the optional mobile charging socket.

Even after two years of usage, you can easily get 50-55 kmpl mileage making it one of the only scooters that provide such a high mileage in this segment of scooters. It is an all-rounder that is well suited for all age groups and genders.

a. Price - Rs. 68,997 - 75,997
b. Mileage- 60 kmpl

5 things to consider while buying a two-wheeler

Here are 5 things you must keep in mind while buying a two-wheeler

1. Get a bike Insurance - First and foremost buy an online bike insurance. An insurance policy is mandatory while driving a two-wheeler in India. If caught without an insurance, you will be liable to pay a fine of Rs.2000/-. Furthermore, buying an online insurance has many added perks. You can compare various policies online and opt for the one that best suits your needs. Companies would also offer attractive discounts and offers while purchasing online.

2. Opt for a two-wheeler that has nearby servicing centres - Make sure the brand has service centres in your nearby vicinity, and you don’t have to cross the oceans to get your scooter serviced. After one or two years you might have to get your two-wheeler serviced every six months or so. So it’s best to have a nearby authorised service provider so you can reduce the hassle of travelling back and forth larger distances.

3. Two-wheelers with bigger wheelbase for better grip - Two-wheelers with larger wheelbase offer a better grip on the road. It will reduce the chances of slipping or sliding while negotiating rain-drenched roads. You can easily check out the specs of the vehicle you intend to buy, online.

4. Helmet and other riding accessories - Helmet is mandatory in most states in India. But besides being a mandatory element, it is also a necessary safety feature that you mustn’t do without. Get a pair of helmets for yourself and the pillion driver. Safety should be your foremost concern. Raincoats should also be a must buy if you live in heavy downpour areas.

5. The resale value of the two-wheeler - Opting for a renowned brand and a model that can survive in the market can fetch you a higher resale value when you decide to sell your scooter. You can check bike resale value sites to get a good idea about each model’s resale value.