If you buy a lottery ticket, you would remember to check out the result right? Unfortunately, that is not what happens in a lot of cases. An estimated 25 Million GBP did not find a claimant in 2019 in Great Britain alone. Consider this next case. EuroMillions held a draw just before the lockdown in which a ticket sold stands to win just shy of 58 million GBP.

That is a life-changing amount by any measure. (Close to what Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is worth!). The only problem? No one has come forward to claim the prize!

EuroMillions is one of the biggest lotteries in the world and is rock-solid when it comes to payouts. You can actually end up playing this lottery sitting in India through lotterypoint.in, a site that guarantees your winning irrespective of the size of the payout!

One would think that EuroMillions would be happy to not have to pay out this lottery ticket but it actually provides them better publicity if they do end up paying out. They have made announcements in the area where the ticket was sold in order to try and find the winner.

A spokesperson for the company said that they were desperate to find the winner so they could pay them the 58 Million. Talk about fate knocking on the door and you not answering the doorbell!!

What happens if the winner cannot be found?

EuroMillions has said that it will donate the winning amount to a charity if the winner does not come forward by the cutoff date. An approximate time of 180 days is given to the winner to come forward and claim their prize. In this case, the deadline is the 13th of September after which the money will be given away to charity.

It is not uncommon for prize winners to turn up late and often on the day of the deadline, though. A lot of people realize they have won the lottery late or want to make some arrangements to protect their newly acquired wealth from others.

EuroMillions allows the winner to remain anonymous if he or she pleases although they are expected to make an announcement if the eventual winner does turn up.

Can you play these mega lotteries from India?

You can and with much more ease than you could imagine. Lotteries are legal in about half of the states of India and so playing the lottery is a pretty well-known concept. You can make an account with lotterypoint.in and then have access to lotteries around the world, including EuroMillions.

You do not end up actually buying a ticket to the lottery but you have the same experience as anyone buying a ticket would. The winner is declared on the official tournament draw, it is just that the payout is by the website, not the original tournament organizers.

One thing is for sure, though, if we ever end up buying the ticket, there is no way that we are not going to check it and see if we won millions of pounds!!!