If you are a fan of cricket, you’ll probably already have your favourite cricket team and players. Some rank cricket players based on their performance on a single match while others focus on their performance over their entire career. While it would be difficult to decide who the best cricket player is out there right now, we can narrow down the options to a few standout stars.

Read on below to find out who we think are the best cricket players in 2020.

S.P.D. Smith

The first cricket player to make our list is Steven Peter Devereux who is an Australian player. He is the former captain of the Australian national team and is a top batsman in the country. He has proved his skills time and time again for his team after his first test debut back in 2010 against Pakistan. At just 31 years old, Devereux has a lot to offer his team.

P.J. Cummins

Another Australian player who is one of the best is Pat Cummings who had his test debut at the age of 18. He is currently the co-vice-captain of the Australian national team and is a top bowler. He is known for his fast bowling and he is very capable as a right-handed batsman.

V. Kohli

If you pay attention to cricket in India, you will be familiar with Virat Kohli who is third on our list. If you don’t pay attention to Indian cricket, view the betting guide at sites such as comeon.co.in for some more information. Kohli had his debut back in 2011 and is currently the captain of the India national team. In fact, he is regarded as one of the best batsmen in the world and so deserves his spot on our list.

S.C.J. Broad

Stuart Christopher John Broad hails from England and he had his first test debut in 2007 against Sri Lanka. Broad currently has an MBE and he plays test cricket for the England national team. He is also a former T20 and ODI test captain and so has plenty of experience on the pitch. He is considered an expert bowler by fans and peers.

J.O. Holder

Last but by no means least we have Jason Holder who is a cricket player who hails from Barbados. He is known as an all-rounder who continues to impress on the field. He is the current captain of the West Indies Cricket team and has experience as an ODI captain. Holder has been ranked highly for his skills for many years now.

Final Verdict

We have only uncovered some of the top cricket players in the world as there are so many that we couldn’t list here. Some of these players are expert bowlers while others excel in batting. We expect these players to impress in the coming season and for some other great players to rise up the ranks and show the world what they have to offer.