GVK Group is the story of an ambitious entrepreneur that began with a desire to establish an indigenous business for developing state-of-the-art world-class infrastructure in India. Consequently, as soon as GVK Reddy graduated, he accepted full responsibility for taking up his father’s construction business in the year 1960. However, he was quite new to the construction business and a bit skeptical of success. He says, “With very little knowledge of the trade, I was unsure of myself but gradually learned the ropes by facing the challenges, working hard, remain self-disciplined and committed — the four virtues that remained constant in the path of my life.”

He successfully completed his first project; the construction of a canal and under-tunnel at the Nagarjuna Sagar Right Canal at Adiguppala and Shyamarajapuram. For GV Krishna Reddy, every challenge was an opportunity in disguise. He found one at the time when the main Nagarjuna Sagar Dam was erected. He recalls, “When the dam was being built, the river was flowing in some portions of the dam. There was a Block 41 that had to be closed in summer before the floods came through. The government wanted a reputed contractor to take up the works. Unfortunately, everybody was scared to take up the job owing to the danger of floods.”

“I was the youngest of the lot so everybody encouraged me to go for it. I decided to take it up as a challenge. I used to get up in the middle of the night to plan the work at the site, supervise breaking of the granite at the quarry and get it transported to the dam site. This way, I built the masonry structure and raised the block every day to the safest level before the floods came and thereby completed my project on time.” Regardless of the multiple difficulties and failures, he faced during the operation, GV Krishna Reddy succeeded in completing the project on time. “My determination and commitment aided by my hard work resulted in my company being awarded the contract. I was only 30 years old then. From the beginning, I always liked to face challenges and take risks in a calculated way. Whatever others would normally be scared to do, I would take it up and handle and execute it confidently,” he adds.

With his sheer determination and continuous toil, GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd became one of the leading Indian companies in the infrastructure sector. Today, it employs thousands of people across the nation and has become the nerve of rapid development in India. The dream that GV Krishna Reddy envisioned in his youth for India to have a world-class infrastructure, today, GVK Group is serving the nation in the direction so that India can witness a higher growth trajectory. Consequently, from power to roads, GVK Group contributed to nation building and thereby helping India to become a global power.

Dr. GV Krishna Reddy basically comes from a village background of Kothuru in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh and has seen the suffering of poor people. He always felt that he should help in improving the health, education, and basic facilities that would benefit a large number of needy underprivileged individuals and social institutions. Thus, the GVK Foundation came into being with this objective of supporting the underprivileged in our society.

Dr. GV Krishna Reddy never missed an opportunity to ‘empower people and enrich their lives’. After establishing a successful business, he pledged to work for his fellow Indians through the GVK Foundation. GVK EMRI, a part of the GVK Foundation is delivering services at global standards, responding to 30 million emergencies and saving millions of lives annually. Amidst the most difficult times of our lives due to the coronavirus pandemic, GVK EMRI has been operating its ambulances in 15 States and two Union territories, transporting around 10,000 COVID-19 suspected people every day to the hospitals and other health facilities, when the pandemic was at its peak.

He also credits his wife Indira for her full support and encouragement since they got married. He recalls how she used to get worried during the early days of his entrepreneurial venture as the kind of business he is involved in, which includes life taking risks. “My wife used to be constantly scared and worried for me because I would often go to the project site at midnight. Although she had to spend many such anxious nights, she would rest assured that because of my fearless nature, I would overcome every challenge and deal with complex problems amicably.”

While exploring opportunities amidst challenges, he says, “As a youngster, I learned everything while working on what was then the second-largest project in the world.” GV Krishna Reddy has been an inspiration for the youths across India. An epitome of ministrations, he has shown all of us the way to achieve what is in the heart by “believing in your ability, have faith in yourself and God to attain your goal with a plan.”