Spleen is not an illness, although it can sometimes be a symptom. A bad mood deprives a person of resources and prevents him from solving problems. We all have more reasons to be sad than usual right now, and even funny comedies or games 20bet.com/casino/new sometimes cannot help us. This article reminds us of simple ways to deal with mood swings.

Make Someone Else's Day

By helping others, you're helping yourself. It sounds like a cliché, but it's true. Try focusing on what you can do for others. Send a bag of groceries and other necessities to your parents or elderly relatives, organize something romantic for your partner. If you have the resources to help on a larger scale, find out what you can do for the seniors who live in your driveway, or how you can help medical and charitable organizations during this difficult time. It doesn't matter how big the help is. Making someone feel good is guaranteed to make you feel better.

Imagine Your Happy Place

Think of a place associated with warm positive emotions: your parents' house, your favorite beach, the city where you spent an unforgettable vacation, a cozy park bench. Close your eyes and imagine yourself there, try to see in detail what surrounds you, feel the atmosphere of that place. This simple mental practice will give a feeling of peace, comfort. You can even try to recreate your favorite place in your apartment: play music associated with it, cook a dish or borrow a book that is associated with being there.


If there are no deep dramatic reasons for sadness and the bad mood is situational, a simple distraction can help. Find a positive story, no matter what format: a funny or exciting movie, a TV series, a book that makes you look at your life differently, a funny music video.

Socialize With Friends or Family

This is especially helpful for those who are isolated and feel disconnected from the world. Find out how girlfriends or relatives are doing. Be careful with this way of raising your spirits if you have a toxic relationship with this person or he tends to dwell on negative news and "load up" the interlocutor. Communicating with such people in moments of sadness will only increase negative feelings.

Get Creative

Sometimes people get into a bad mood because of excess energy and the inability to realize it - a typical case of quarantine. Try giving that energy an outlet by creating something. You do not have to be a creative person in the conventional sense of the word. Any creative task will do: cooking, rearranging, cleaning, keeping a diary.

Create Your Inspirational Playlist

A simple, yet time-consuming way to have fun and get yourself in the mood. If you don't already have a spirit-lifting playlist for when you're feeling down, it's time to create one. Look for something dynamic so that the song will pull you off the couch from the intro.

Try to Find Help on the Internet

The Internet can offer a wide variety of ways to provide psychological support. The main thing is to know what you're looking for, rather than aimlessly flipping through the news feed. It may be worth turning to an online psychologist, sometimes one conversation with a specialist is enough to replenish a resource. This is especially appropriate if the bad mood has lasted for several weeks and does not go away. It's the first sign of depression. Another type of online support is people who inspire you. Look through the posts of psychologists, bloggers, stars who evoke positive emotions in you. Many of them are also having a hard time right now, and they share their ways of coping with moping.