Finding the perfect online casino/betting app out there can quickly become a chore if you don’t know what you should be looking for.

Furthermore, with the number of choices that are available to people now, even seemingly simple things like choosing the best entertainment app to spend your spare leisure time on can quickly turn into more of a burden than you’d first imagine.

However, the urge to try and find the perfect entertainment app is more than logical. If you are planning on spending a lot of your future time playing something, it’s completely natural that you’ll want to ensure that you are spending said time wisely.

Well, to make your search easier, we have gone ahead and compiled the top three choices within the industry.

In this article, we will be telling you about the top three best online casino/betting apps that are available on the market right now, as well as giving you a brief introduction to each so you can pick the one that happens to suit you best.

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1. 10CRIC

10CRIC is one of the most well-respected and reputable online casino/sports betting enterprises you can find out there, and the number of things they manage to do well is what truly cements their place as number one.

Unlike most other online casino/betting sites, 10CRIC manages to ensure that both their online casino and betting hub are equal parts of the whole, and neither one gets more attention than the other.

The online cricket betting app from 10CRIC is a prime example of how they are able to do this, with attention to deal detail being one of the top priorities even on a smaller project.

Furthermore, if you have been around the gambling industry for a while, you know why this is a big deal.

Time and time again a new company tries to enter the market with promises of being able to provide both an online casino & betting hub without sacrificing the quality of either. However, said promises are seldom kept.

10CRIC are the exception to this rule, and in all reality, they may be the only company out there that have been able to achieve this impressive feat.

Moreover, not only do 10CRIC do a great job at spinning multiple plates, but both their online casino and sports betting hub are impressive in their own right.

10CRIC’s online casino features a truly impressive number of games that goes unmatched by the vast majority of their competition, and their betting hub is known for having a diverse array of sports that is certain to house any sport you can imagine.

If you are a fan of either online casinos or sports betting, you can’t go wrong with 10CRIC, and they just may be the best choice on the market right now when it comes to providing an exceptional service in all aspects.

2. Casumo

Casumo is one of the longest-running online casinos out there.

If you are just looking to have a good time at an online casino and have no interest in sports betting, then Casumo may be the right choice for you.

There are a plethora of reasons why people prefer online casinos over their real-life counterparts, and Casumo perhaps does the best job at displaying all of these reasons to their absolute max.

Similar to 10CRIC, Casumo also has an expansive list of games. They don’t seem to have as many as 10CRIC, but all the favourites are covered.

In addition, Casumo has one of the best-designed apps that you can find out there, with sleek graphics and eye-catching designs being the focal point.

However, as we mentioned briefly before, Casumo is a strictly online casino service. So, if you are looking to get involved with sports betting, you will have to look elsewhere.

Despite the lack of a sports betting platform, Casumo is still a great choice for those of you who are looking for a quality online casino app, and you will soon come to love your decision if you decide to give them a shot.

3. Royal Panda

Now that online casinos are becoming more popular, there is bound to be a company that comes along and tries to capitalise on the ordeal by appealing to newer players who are looking to get involved with the action.

Well, that company is Royal Panda.

Perhaps the most user-friendly online casino out there, Royal Panda tries to capture the interest of newer players by spending the majority of its resources on creating a seamless user experience as well as putting an emphasis on eye-catching graphics and designs.

However, despite the clean, easy-to-use app design, Royal Panda often lacks some of the complexities that are found within other online casinos.

There just isn’t as much choice and variety when it comes to the games that they have on offer. Moreover, similar to Casumo, they also outright lack any form of betting service.

That’s not to say in any way that Royal Panda is a bad choice. In fact, there are some things that Royal Panda happens to do much better than most of its competitors.

When it comes to a simple, easy-to-use online casino app that requires next to no effort to just sit and play, Royal Panda hits the mark in every aspect.

Of course, this entry will not be for everyone, and if you are a hardcore online casino enthusiast, then you may want to stay clear from Royal Panda.

However, if you are new to the industry or just looking for a more casual experience, then Royal Panda may be the perfect match for you.

Still struggling to make a decision even after reading the article? Well, don’t worry. If you choose any of the options we have given you, you will be in good hands.

Each of the entries we mentioned has defining characteristics that make them stand out from the others, and in reality, you should just choose the one which appeals to you the most.

As long as you are having fun, that’s all that matters.

Good luck.