Are you someone who gets excited hearing of the interactive websites? Do you look around to boost your knowledge and skill in learning responsive designing with some cutting edge tools and techniques? Or if you are looking to gain the knowledge about the latest programming languages in order to round out custom websites and apps?

Well, if the answer is yes, then you have come to the very right place in which we will talks about all of this and the source from where you will get to cultivate all your required skills and understanding in order to become a Front-end development expert. So, the immersive learning platform of Knowledgehut which is known for its widely offered courses for the learning enthusiasts throughout the year brings to you the new course to become a successful front end developer.

In this article, we will specifically be talking about the latest Front end development Bootcamp Career Track Program which is comprehensively designed with the aim to help the interested candidates get equipped with the every knowledge and skills that are required in building out a robust, functional, and a high performance custom web application. The answers to all your query ends with this Bootcamp because in this extensive learning training camp you will gain the perfect opportunity to give a boost to your career in tech. You will be able to gain the requisite tools and techniques that is needed to work with the cutting-edge tools if you want to create a rich interactive custom websites. You also get the leverage of understanding how to write code with the help of hands-on learning experience with Cloud Labs and also finally you can make a job ready project portfolio so to stand out among your non-certified peers in the eyes of recruiters of top companies.

I. A skilled Front-End Developer is highly sought after

Front-end development is a field of combination of layout and programming which includes the interactions, user interface, and easy accessibility of the website. Behind the successful front-end development is a skilled front end developer who acts as the major brain behind building a high performance app including with its effective deployment and other key responsibilities. The dedication of a skilled front end developer gives rise to a beautiful, robust, and functional web app with user interface.

Our Front end development Bootcamp is comprehensively designed training program for learning real-world coding so that you get hired by the top organization with a good pay scale and a promising future career in working with several highly renowned organizations. For your smooth learning process, the Bootcamp features with interactive instructor led live training sessions in which you get to learn by doing with Cloud Labs and get to work with micro experiences in each module with coding exercises so that you can inculcate the newly desired skills to learn coding.

Moreover, you get to work with the cutting-edge tools in this bootcamp and get to learn how to build an interactive and rich website with the use of independent projects and personalized feedback policies in which you get face to face mentorship from your expert trainers. We do everything in our power and efficiency to help your learn in capstone projects and micro work like experiences so that you can build a professional job profile of yourself with some in-demand job ready skills that can help you stand out in front of the potential recruiters and collaborators, but the final string lies with you as how you apply these knowledge and skills to ace your interviews by demonstrating the reinforced skills in you from this Bootcamp.

In the present time, a front end developer is highly sought-after in the industry to be hired by the top organizations. The reason behind preparing this comprehensive Front-End Development Bootcamp is very simple. Every other company today across the globe is a tech company only which has increasingly led to the high growing demand for a software engineer who can be hired by them so that they can drive their skills and expertise in finding creative solutions to their problems and can help in firm and implementation of sustainable solution across the company.

The statistics shows that there are more than 67% of the tech leaders who on survey have confessed about their incompetency to acquire the talent as per the industry demand. That is why Knolwedehut works throughout the year to provide you with the in-demand courses, meeting industry requirements so that you can grow the skills you say you need to help your career grow.

Our Front-end Development Bootcamp in this regard is helpful for all the individuals irrespective of their professional background to give a huge break to your career in tech with promising skills.


1. You will learn the fundamentals of Web development from the scratch of evolution of WWW to the latest technologies and its key stakeholders

2. Gain the knowledge and understanding of how to manage the end to end Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), via agile and traditional methodologies.

3. Learn to extensively work with Linux and its several components like techniques, workflows, environment, and key command.

4. You get to master the version control and code management and assets using the Git and GitHub

5. Learn everything about how to build responsive web using HTML5 and CSS3 and discuss key APIs concerning HTML5 and their use cases.

6. Start working with the basics of JavaScript, ideally ECMAScript 2020 and upwards to learn work with arrays, loops, objects so to level up with functions, and so on.

7. Gain and in-depth skill of working with Reach and Software testing, their principles, automation, testable components and more

8. Get skills to build robust, user interface and other high performant web app technologies and work to build and customize JavaScript development pipelines and tool chains.

9. Build high performant web apps using React and Redux and learn effective implementation of Test Driven Development practices in your regular workflow.

10. Learn to gain the versatile skills and expertise in adding requisite value to your knowledge of full stack.

11. Get equipped with project management skills and be able to prototype rapid ideas into proofs of concept.

12. Close understanding of the local job market but will also help you scope out lucrative opportunities to work with top organizations with a good pay scale


There are absolutely no pre requisites that you need to satisfy in order to attend the Front end Development Bootcamp Training as even a candidate from tech background is not required because what is mandatory is that the candidates are interesting in learning, excelling, and succeeding in the tech field. So, be it a fresher, developers, professionals of IT industry or in any tech-adjacent role are welcome to attend this course and get the right chance to boost your career with the added advantage of getting in position to get lucrative salary package on successful completion of this course.

So, enroll with the Bootcamp today and get the advantage of increasing several options for you to work in tech industries and be part of game changing projects, with a high leverage of getting multiple job roles offered to you from the top IT or non-It companies.