Amidst the ongoing incessant rain and snow in parts of the Kashmir valley, orchards in several hamlets in Shopian, south Kashmir have suffered extensive damage, wrecking the harvest of local apple growers.

Reports say orchards in Herpora, Sedow Chekh, Kellar, Resh Nagri, Imam Sahib and adjacent hamlets suffered damage in the ongoing snowfall, starting on Friday night.

The twigs and branches of trees have broken in most places, with around 40% of the fruit yet to be harvested.

“With many of the orchardists still busy with harvesting, they had not done trimming of the trees due to which a lot of trees have got damaged,” a local resident told The Citizen.

They added that the unseasonal weather has plunged the whole populace into despair and gloom.

Photos BASIT ZARGAR for The Citizen

Mir Suhail/ Facebook