I made no resolutions or plans this year... I usually like to go with the flow… And added to that, the post pandemic times that we live in. Well, mentally I have a wish list and I know I would be ecstatic if they all fall into place or get done but I am definitely not obsessing about it this year for sure. And miracles do happen… so says the ever positive me! It is best to live one day at a time with hope, belief and love.

But I do have a genuine wish… That comes straight from my heart. And I wouldn’t be very wrong in saying that a lot of people in this country… In fact, a vast majority would have the very same wish. One that echoes from every corner of the nation wishing and begging for communal harmony. During these trying times there is still a lot of hopefulness and expectation to see India overpower the communal hostility and bitterness that is tearing our country apart.

Never does a day go by without some form of communal discord being mentioned in the newspapers and television. In fact, they make headlines and are also predominantly ‘Breaking News’ features. There are religious clashes, violent conflicts, tension and strife in various parts of the country. How is it even possible for our beautiful nation to progress towards any form of growth and development if aggressive ideologies are being allowed to sow the seeds of communal disharmony?

Lately, there is an unfamiliar uneasiness around for us to deal with… You can feel it in the air. It makes you insecure and unsafe. Where is that strength of brotherhood that was visible not so long back? Peace and harmony is what is the need of the hour… what this country needs… what the people want. This land of many races, religions, languages and cultures is fast appearing to be one of constant turmoil and discord. The nation’s integrity is at stake. Yes, the very same nation that bespoke bonhomie and a long established value system. Political conspirators and hardliners appear to have forgotten ethical principles in their quest for power and personal gains. Exploitation has degenerated and shaken the very core of our terra firma.

Are we not mature and liberated individuals who can live together harmoniously and as a community and respect each other’s freedom to choose and follow our own religious beliefs? None of us have the right to thrust our ideologies and viewpoints down anyone’s throats. I can only call it a severe degeneration and turpitude of morals and democratic values.

Hate speeches and those harbouring religious intolerance and forcing religious conversions must be severely castigated. There has to be unity in abhorring such methodologies. Only when we all speak in one voice, will there be change and betterment. And hope shall definitely see some light for peace to be revived.

“For me, the different religions are beautiful flowers from the same garden, or they are branches of the same majestic tree. Therefore, they are equally true, though being received and interpreted through human instruments are equally imperfect.” – Mahatma Gandhi