#TheCitizenIsWell is our foray into the wellness space - driven in part by my (I’m Gayeti and I’m an Associate Editor here) passion (read obsession) for all things health and fitness. If I had to summarise what I want this space to be … ‘The Citizen Is Well’ is where you will find the information and motivation you need to build and sustain healthy habits.

There is a political-social-economic context to wellness -- especially in India where about 20 percent of the country lives below the poverty line. In urban middle class drawing rooms, wellness acquires the connotation of gluten free alternatives and organic produce, but for a vast majority of this country - wellness remains embedded in social/economic structures that determine access to nutrition, health care, and education.

Wellness, as we understand it, is then deeply rooted in privilege - and that’s the reality this space will acknowledge and force you to think about. The Citizen’s gender, politics and life pages are dedicated to stories of structural inequality - and these will hopefully serve as a reminder that the concept of wellness is inextricable from that of privilege.

As the wellness scene explodes in India’s cities - from boutique fitness studios to organic farmers markets - The Citizen Is Well will hopefully evolve to become the go-to resource on India’s healthy living beat.

It will be a mix of reports, features, interviews and reviews - all centred on the aim of providing you the information and motivation you need to build and sustain healthy habits.

For now, ‘The Citizen Is Well’ will live on the ‘Life’ section on our website, and will have its own section in July. We’ll be starting with two stories a week, and moving to a daily format very soon.

If there’s anything you’d like us to cover, get in touch. You can email us at editor@thecitizen.in, tweet to us, facebook us, or find us on Instagram.