Hexing, an English language film, will have received by the time this appears in print. Vivek Singhania who has produced the film, is an Indian who has studied in London and has been associated with the film industry for some time now. After a long time, we will be preview to a film that is rooted in an Indian superstition that links itself to psychological thrills and to some horror thrown in. He is the CEO and producer of Picture Perfect which is the production banner that has produced the film. He talks about this film in a brief interview.

What does the word Hexing mean?

It means “witchcraft” underlining a historical Yantra Board that has magical powers and though it appears lightweight, it can be lifted only by those who are blessed by it while others can be cursed by it. I have just completed filming this English language feature film (dramatic horror thriller) in Ireland, France and India starring Dominique Swain, Jan Graveson, Emma Eliza Regan, Ketan Anand, Camille Solal, Zoe Corraface, Conor Marren, Zeb Moore, Shane Robinson, Alicia Mairead Gerrard, Gwen Pauls, Elaine Kenned, Claire Blennerhassett, Adam Weaver, Nigel Mercier and Michael Parle. The film is directed by a French director. His name is Christophe Lenoir.

What is the story about?

The story revolves around Hannah, a beautiful young girl returns home to her estranged Father to piece together the circumstances of her Mother's death. On the discovery of an ancient Indian Yantra board from a local antique dealer, Hannah uncovers a deadly curse from the past.

What was the trigger for the unusual story?

The story was conceived by the main writer Vikram Gupta and I loved the idea of three different emotional stories running simultaneously and all connected to this Yantra board. The stories of Hannah and her father, Alice and Joe and Sophie are also in some way or another, get linked to the yantra board, changing their lives, perceptions and relationships in different ways.

Where was the film shot and how long did the shooting take?

The film was shot in Ireland in Kerry mainly over 2-3 weeks in very cold November. Then in Paris in France for 3 days. And then in Mumbai in India for 3 days

How was the acting cast chosen by the director?

The cast was proposed by local producers and the director and I too took decisions sometimes jointly and sometimes individually depending on the development of the script and the filming.

What statement, if any, is this film trying to make or is there no statement but only the story?

The statement is that we often react to what we see and hear but many a times what we see and hear is not quite what is true as in the case of Hannah and her father David. Another important statement is that anger is no good and it’s important that we stay calm and collected and think through our decisions peacefully and not out of anger.

Less importance has been given to music but the music is truly good. What brief was the composer given?

To my mind any horror and thriller film is very dependent on its score. We had a fabulous score and I thank my composer for this. If you watch this kind of film without sound you will not get any scares or shocks so sound plays an important part too apart from the score.

What is your target audience?

Today there are so many independent film lovers in India who are exposed to international films and would like to see such a film first in cinemas and if not then online or on TV and there are many independent filmmakers in India who can see how films are made internationally and perhaps some of them may get inspired and make some good films for the global audience too.