GUWAHATI: Even as some of the Bollywood stars were busy at the Filmfare award show in Guwahati, a group of protestors staged a demonstration in Guwahati airport against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) on Saturday night.

Actors like Akshay Kumar, Madhuri Dikshit and Ranveer Singh among others were in Guwahati to attend the 65th Filmfare Awards on Saturday night.

Anti-CAA protestors held placards with the message ‘Dear Sir, Akshay Kumar, we Love you so much’, ‘Dear Madhuri ma’am, we love you so much’, even as they made their protest against CAA heard.

“We wanted to give the message that we love them. And we need their help in spreading the message across the country that we oppose the CAA. We have no ill intentions. We love them. Just wanted their help in spreading our message,” said musician Manash Robin who was also among the protestors.

Police detained the protestors even before the stars arrived in the airport.

There was considerable opposition to the Filmfare awards being hosted in Guwahati amidst CAA protests. This is the first time the awards show is taking place outside Mumbai.

Several prominent film personalities including multiple national award winning Jahnu Baruah had not been in favour of the Awards ceremeony being held in Assam because of the situation in the state. Several others, however, welcomed the move maintaining that it should not be mixed with CAA protests.

Assam and the NE states have witnessed huge protests against CAA and National Register of Citizens. In Assam at least five people were killed in police firing during protests last year.