LUCKNOW: In an environment where dissent is being looked upon as anti nationalism, and even young protestors being treated as ‘enemies’ of the state, 11 students of Lucknow University have been thrown into jail, without bail, for daring to protest against the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Adityanath was returning from addressing a meeting in Lucknow University when a group of brave young students were seen rushing towards his convoy with heavily armed security, stopping it in its tracks with “murdabad” slogans. Particularly courageous as the students were prepared for the counter attack that had the cops, after an initially started response, rushing at them, beating them, and dragging them to the vehicles. Despite this a young girl, amongst the others, continued shouting slogans.

The students were upset as funds---never enough in the best of times---were diverted from the Sports allocation for Adityanath’s visit to the campus. The state Finance Secretary, according to sources, had also reportedly raised this diversion of funds with the University authorities. The Karamchari Union in the University had also raised objections.

The students who braved the security, and can be seen rushing from all sides in the video above, were from the student wings of the Left parties as well as the Samajwadi party. They were also protesting against the violence against Dalits in Saharanpur and the arrest of Chandrashekhar and others, aswell as a research scam in the University.

The 11, including three girls, have been slapped with criminal offence and three charged with Section 151. The court gave the three bail, but wanted it to be verified by the cops. Their release thus, now awaits police verification that sources could take longer than expected.