NEW DELHI: Dear Mr Khattar,

First let me explain why I am writing this as ‘anonymous’. Yes because I am terrified that you, or your party, or your mentors will send the goons after me. And I am a self respecting person, with no security, minding my own business. I don’t have the guts of Gauri Lankesh, I want to live and perhaps if you don’t know who I am you will listen to what I have to say as the voice of the common citizen. Apolitical, but now I think very political.

I have been reading about what your Haryana police now calls a mammoth ‘sanitisation” exercise of the Dera Sacha Sauda headquarters. And of all the terrible stuff they have now been finding. Secret tunnels, evidence of abortions, a skin bank, explosives, firecrackers, ammunition of AK 47s. One of the secret tunnels connected the rapist Gurmeet Singh to the hostel where the women disciples lived.

I am not sure whether I am supposed to stand up and applaud at the great work your police is doing. As my memory is not short. You and your ministers, as well as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ministers, wooed this terrible man for votes. To win the Haryana elections you all not just turned a blind eye, but felicitated the man who rose from strength to strength in his perversion. Your Ministers touched his feet, the Prime Minister praised him in a public speech, and he got the protection of the BJP for his crimes.

Tell me Chief Minister Sir, what has changed now? Just that he has been found out because of the perseverance and sheer courage of two women who braved the threats, the murders, to continue their fight in court. Tell me how could such a “mammoth” exercise be run by the rapist right under your nose, with your patronage and of course your help? How is it that your police, your administration, you yourself had no idea of what was going on at the Dera that your Ministers frequented? Do you expect us to believe that not a whisper was heard by your intelligence men, and your police who can identify and arrest those who do not support your party within minutes?

Well I am prepared to believe you, if you insist. But then have to join those who are raising the demand, in insisting that you resign. As you are not fit to govern, as you are running a government in the state that has no idea of such criminal activity. And actually embraces the man running many rackets, each worse than the other. 400 men have been castrated, women are being raped, a skin bank is being run, dead bodies are sent out without records, ammunition and explosives----yes I am repeating myself I know but the horror is paralysing almost---are piled up, and you did not know. You should go Mr Khattar, now.

But you won’t. Your party is protecting you as all of you are complicit in protecting, encourage and nurturing this rapist. Now that his story is over, you are rushing to give yourself a clean slate by allowing the police to ‘investigate’. Sickening sir, simply not acceptable.

You clearly do not have a conscience. Both you and the Congress patronise godmen, use them for their votes, make them state VIPs and turn them into monsters. And then you sit back if found out, and wash your hands of the entire episode, as if it never happened, and you have no responsibility. No responsibility for the castration, for rape, for whatever that we hear has been happening inside that Dera. It was not a diplomatic zone, how is it that the law was not enforced?

You have a lot to answer for and I am surprised---actually I should not be--that the media seems to have let you off the hook. You are as much responsible for what happened to the victims, as the rapist.

Well I will leave you to your and your party’s non-existent conscience.

But as a citizen of India, not with any political party let me tell you I am sick to the bone. And of you and your party.

I wanted to sign off with a flourish but can only do so in despair and deep regret that you are in power.