NEW DELHI: Photograph above shows the ailing mother of Najeeb Ahmad, student who has been missing from Jawaharlal Nehru University, being pulled and dragged from outside the Delhi High Court. She has been detained since.

It has been a year since Najeeb went missing from his hostel room in JNU after an altercation with ABVP students. The university students have been demonstrating for action since demanding justice and police action to trace the missing student.

Fatima is not well and undergoing medical treatment. She is depressed as is her paralysed husband.

The video below captures the injustice and the apathy of the authorities.

The legal position as per the lawyers is

"The judges have ordered that the CBI must not only analyse the call records but also submit the location details and WhatsApp messages of the accused persons individually and in their groups.

Justice Sistani said, "If the CBI has already analysed the call records and they have found nothing in them, then what stops them from saying so in the status report?" Why is the CBI not eager to put anything about the accused persons on record remains a persistent question.

As there was nothing in the status report, the judges asked as to why they were not sharing it with the mother, who is the petitioner in this case. In a very unfortunate manner, the CBI lawyer shielded the accused on the pretext that they are students of JNU. The judges observed that if there is an allegation, then no matter who is involved it has to be investigated. There can be no excuse on the grounds that they are students.

The judges have directed the DIG to be present in the high court hearings."