NEW DELHI: Actor Kamal Haasan -- Ulaganaayakan for his millions of fans---has been stirring the political pot fairly vigorously over the past few weeks, but perhaps never as decisively and controversially as today.

“Right wing cannot challenge anyone saying there are no Hindu terrorists because the terror has spread into their camp as well. Such terror activities are not going to help them in any way,” he said. And added, “in the past, Hindu right wing groups would not indulge in violence. They would hold a dialogue with opposing parties on their arguments. But this old tactics was defeated and now what they do is using muscle power.”

“They have started indulging in violence,” the 62 year old Tamil actor said, opening the doors for an army of trolls who have been trooping in since.

Haasan who has declared his intention of joining politics, has still to decide whether he will join a political party or start his own. The scales seem to be tipped in favour of the second option, but the popular star seems to be irking the BJP and right wing forces with every move he has made since expressing his interest in politics.

However, these sharp comments that constitute a political attack against the RSS/BJP come on the eve of the “grand announcement” the actor is expected to make on November 7, his birthday. These remarks are being perceived as a direct red rag for the RSS/BJP that has strongly attacked those who speak of ‘Hindu terror’ in the past, with Haasan making it very clear this his politics will place him on the opposing end.

Indications of this came from the actor's first two political meetings with Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal, and even more controversially with BJP’s arch foe, Kerala Chief Minister Pinayrayi Vijayan. While Haasan met Kejriwal in Chennai, he visited Vijayan specially in Kerala. At a press conference after the long and clearly very cordial meeting Haasan said that Left leaders were his “heroes”.

Haasan said after meeting Vijayan that “saffron is not my colour.” And made it apparent where his admiration lay with, “Tamil Nadu will become an example for social justice once again, for today, Kerala shows the way. Congratulations!” This had the media speculating that his political party would follow Communist Party principles.

"Truth alone triumphs has now become strength alone triumphs. This has made people inhuman," Haasan said today. And is clear that he will be entering politics with an eye on the Chief Minister’s chair. His most categorical response on this was in a media interview where he said, ““Someone has to wear the neta’s cap. It will be a crown of thorns. Someone has to clean the quagmire and make this place habitable for people. I’m not hungry for power but we will seize the opportunity if that’s the only way to deliver for the people.”