NEW DELHI: Earlier in March, letters encouraging recipients to take part in "Punish a Muslim Day" were sent to addresses across the United Kingdom. They fliers have since been widely circulated on social media.

The fliers mark April 3 as “Punish a Muslim Day” and list a number of violent acts along with points for performing them. The fliers gained prominence as they were circulated widely on Twitter and social media. Rewards are offered based on action taken, ranging from 10 points for “verbally abusing a Muslim” to 2500 points to “nuke Mecca.”

The fliers, posted to people and circulated on social media, have sparked concerns in the community, prompting the involvement of Counter Terrorism Policing North East that are leading an investigation into the “hate mail.”

The embassy of Saudi Arabia posted a warning message on Twitter, calling on Saudi citizens in the UK to be cautious.

The fliers have caused an outrage on Twitter, with users taking to the microblogging site to counter the hateful message, with many suggesting that April 3 be celebrated as #LoveAMuslimDay.

Comedian Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show recognised, and yet ridiculed the call with Hasan Minhaj joining in: