NEW DELHI: What is being described now as a ‘Kathua fence’ in sections of the social media has spread like wildfire through Kerala with notices being posted outside homes directing the BJP members to stay out as there are “little girls” inside.

“This country is mourning for yo,. No entry for Sanghis, we have little children in the house” is another variation to the above with the posters in Malayalam and the odd one in English making a political statement devastating for the BJP.

The novel campaign has attracted local and social media and spread from what was initially a CPI(M) initiative in Kamachal. Local newspapers reported the Left cadres as saying they had done this as a protest against the rape of the young girls in Kathua and Unnao and initially distributed a few posters to homes in the Vamanapuram panchayat.

Subsequently this spread to Chengannur constituency where the local youth started copying the messages, that spread fast and furious as this is going for a high intensity by-election. Hence the message was expanded to tell BJP members not to come seeking votes, and to stay outside the gates. This has spread outside the political fold, becoming almost a movement of protest against the BJP in the state with ordinary folk now joining the campaign.

The anger is so palpable in Kerala that the Kotak Mahindra Bank had to sack an assistant manager of its Kochi branch , one Vishnu Nandakumar, who tweeted about Asifa’s rape and murder, “it is good that she was murdered at this young age. Otherwise she would have grown up to be a suicide bomber.”

The BJP finds itself now on the back foot in Kerala after Kathua and Unnao, with its president Amit Shah’s Mission Kerala in deep jeopardy as the campaign has caught on in Chengannur amongst all sections.