GORAKHPUR: Dr Kafeel Khan was released from jail a pale shadow of his former, confident self. Eyes staring, reflecting the terror of eight months in jail without bail, the doctor had not been forgotten by the families of the children he had managed to save at the BRD hospital in Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s constituency.

Carrying placards, they welcomed him back with “Dr Khan is our hero.” For the rest it was a quiet journey home with the doctor unable to factor in his ‘freedom’. With a stamp on the palm of his hand marking the release. His family, happy and relieved to have him back, have still the morrow to consider. As it will be of regular court appearances, and a struggle to win the case against the UP government.

Videos and photographs after Dr Khan emerged from jail. People wait for “our hero” Dr Khan outside the jail.

Dr Khan emerges to be greeted by his wife and little daughter, and the rest of the family along with a posse of journalists who he kept pleading with to let him go. “Please I am mentally exhausted,” he said.

Finally on the way back to his residence: