“I have not done anything for which I would receive threats. I have just done my duty like other police officers do in the line of duty” Sub Inspector Gagandeep Singh told The Citizen a short while ago, denying reports that he had received death threats and now sent on leave.

The social media is awash with tweets and posts that the brave Uttarakhand cop who had saved a Muslim youth from possible lynching as first reported by The Citizen, has been sent on leave. i-have-got-messages-of-support-but-also-of-hate-says-sikh-cop-after-saving-muslim-youth-from-possible-lynching

A BBC report seems to have triggered off the reaction, with eminent personalities including Markandey Katju and several major news platforms carrying the story that he was under dire threat from the right wing groups, and was now on leave.

Singh told this reporter that these claims were baseless. He said that the leave he is currently on was sanctioned a week ago, and that he is planning to join duty within a day or two, He said that the sanctioned leave was only for four days. He said he has not received death threats but yes there were certain people who were not pleased with his action on the day of the incident. The ‘action’ he referred to was clearly saving the Muslim youth at Ramgarh from being beaten and possibly lynched by the right wing mob that had collected around him, and is seen trying to beat him in the video despite the presence of the police.

Singh further said that he had been receiving countless messages of support from all across the country, commending his work. He further pointed out that he was not alone at the venue, and there were other policemen as well. The video as published by The Citizen in the initial report that brought this incident to light, shows Singh fighting off the mob, as he leads the youth to safety.

According to a news report published by Timesnownews.com, assistant sub inspector Gagandeep Singh was sent on a temporary leave after his video saving an inter-religious couple from radical right wing supporters in Haryana went viral. There have been multiple tweets by eminent personalities such as Markandey Katju, and several major news platforms have also carried this updated story which claims that he is facing an acute threat from right wing fringe elements.

However, none of the reports have mentioned any official government/police source confirming the authenticity of the allegations, neither has Gagandeep Singh himself responded to the claims until now. We spoke to Gagandeep Singh a short while ago and he denied any such claims, and believed that they are largely baseless and unfounded. He says that the leave that he was currently on was sanctioned a week prior to the incident taking place. He is right now at his residence and is planning to join the duty in a day or two. The sanctioned leave is only for four days. Responding to the news stories further, he says that he hasn’t received any threats. However, there remain certain people who weren’t pleased with his actions on the day of the incident.

“I have not done anything for which I would receive threats. I have just done my duty like other police officers do in the line of duty.” Rather, Gagandeep Singh is overwhelmed with the countless number of positive messages and reception he received, commending his work.