GORAKHPUR/NEW DELHI: Dr Kafeel Khan’s brother Kashif Jameel has been shot, and is presently undergoing surgery at the Star Hospital in Gorakhpur. Returning home on his bike he was reportedly waylaid near the Gorakhnath temple, with three shots hitting him directly. One bullet hit him in the neck, and another on the upper arm, with the doctors in surgery to save his life..

Details are still hazy as the family has not been able to speak with him. He is an engineer by profession, and married just a year ago.

Dr Kafeel Khan who was released on bail after eight months has been a target. He now stated in a Whatsapp message, “mere bhai Jameel ko aaj bullet shot se 3 fire kr murder karne ka try kiya gaya….I always said they will try to kill us.”

The family is shell shocked, despite expecting a counter attack for the attention Kafeel Khan has been getting ever since he was thrown into jail despite having worked to save the encephalitis hit children from dying at the BRD hospital in Gorakhpur because of a shortage of oxygen supply.

Khan has been speaking at different venues, and had recently offered to go to Kerala to tackle the deadly virus there.

Details of this attack are not known, although the hospital report confirms “firearm injury on right upper arm, neck and chin” The incident according to Star hospital entry occurred at about 10.15 pm on 10/06/2018.