NEW DELHI: Combative, aggressive, factual characterised Congress President Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha today as he actually led the Opposition charge in the no confidence motion against the BJP led government. Interrupted continuously, with loyalists like Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman heard screaming in her defense on the Rafale deal, Rahul Gandhi focused directly on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his promises and the “21st Century political weapon” as he called it, “the jumla strike.”

The BJP that decided to focus on the Nehru-Gandhi First Family of the Congress as the first speech from the treasury benches in the discussion indicated, came against a volley of facts, allegations, from Rahul Gandhi who targeted the PM who was present in the house. And at one point said he had proven not to be a “chowkidar” and when PM Modi smiled Rahul Gandhi said, “He is smiling but there is a touch of nervousness in the gentleman. He cannot look into my eyes. The PM has not been truthful.”

He opened his speech with the ‘jumla strike’ saying that the symptoms of the victims when through initial sense of excitement and great happiness into shock. He said that the victims of the jumla strike included kisans, dalits, tribals, women, youngsters,

Rahul Gandhi said one such example of the jumla strike was the Prime Ministers assertion that he would give two crore youth jobs every year. He said the statistics showed jist about 15 lakh youth had got jobs. And that unemployment is today the highest in seven years. He singled out Surat in Gujarat to bring home the crippling impact of demonetisation on small and medium business adding, “this is the truth of PM Modi’s words” with the BJP MPs on their feet.

The Congress MP spoke of the PMs silence when Indian citizens were attacked, beatened, threatened across the country. And that was because the PM and BJP Narendra Modi could not afford to lose power, as if they did other processes would open against them, so they were fearful, and this generated hate, and it was this hate that India was facing at the moment, he said.

Rahul Gandhi then ended his speech with a dramatic gesture of walking across to PM Modi and giving him a big hug. He then returned to his chair to say that this was the act of a true Hindu, of love and peace, and not hate and divisiveness.

Samples from Rahul Gandhi’s speech that led to disruptions, one adjournment, and strong protests from the BJP with Sitharaman in the lead:

On GST: But the PM did not stop there. GST, the Congress brought it. You (BJP) had opposed it. Gujarat Chief Minister (Modi) had opposed it. We had wanted one GST, including petrol and diesel so that there was one tax, and minimal disruption. PM Modi’s five different GSTs have destroyed the small and medium business houses and individuals. Now the income tax man is sitting in every small entrepreneurs house, and you (government) have a hand in his pocket to take away his money.

On PM’s links with big industry: PM Modis photograph can appear in the Jio advertisement. He works for a handful of businessmen, has no place in his heart for the poor and underprivileged of India.

PM had said I am the country’s chowkidar. I am not the PM, I am the country’s chowkidar. But when Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah (disruptions with the Speaker promising to expunge the reference if required to which Rahul Gandhi then changed it to)...when PMs friends son increases his income 16 times over there is not a word from the PM.

On the Rafale deal: Rafale, in our UPA deal the price of each aircraft was Rs 520 crores. The .PM went to France, and by magic the price of the aircraft went to Rs 1600 cr. Defence Minister said she will tell the country the price of the aircraft. After this I cannot give this figure because there is a secrecy pact between India and France. I asked the French President is there such a pact, and he said that this does not exist. (At this point Sitharaman stood up screaming but the words were lost in the din) He said tell the entire country, I have no problem if you say so.

Under PM Nirmala Sitharaman has lied to the country. You tell us why you have lied to the country, tell us. (The Defence Minister continues shouting until assured by the Speaker that she would get her turn).The Defence Minister has spoken an untruth.

Everyone knows the relationship the PM has with some persons… the money that goes into the marketing of India PM, everyone.knows where it comes from….one of those persons given the Rafale contract and he made thousands of crores. The gentleman benefited to tune of Rs 45000 crores.

This is the truth, PM must explain and answer whether the Cabinet Committee for Security took this decision or not. And explain why this contract was taken away from HAL and given to a businessman with a debt of Rs 35000 crores and has never ever built an aircraft in his life.

On Foreign Policy: The PM sat on a swing with the Chinese leader. Then after that 1000 Chinese troops in India, he went back and put his soldiers into Doklam. Our army showed their strength and stood up to China. But soon after that PM goes to China and without an agenda says we will not raise Doklam here, we will talk without an agenda. This was China’s agenda,

On Hate Violence: Why is there not a word from the PM on the attacks on Indian citizens. Instead their ministers go and garland those who are accused of all this. Everywhere the citizen of India is being attacked, beaten, threatened, but not a word from the Prime Minister.

Whenever someone is killed, beaten, attacked, the attack is not on just that individual it is an attack on Ambedkar's constitution. When your ministers talk against the Constitution they wage war on Ambedkar and India. We will not tolerate this.