Dr Kafeel Khan, who was out on bail in a case related to the death of infants at a state-run hospital in Gorakhpur last year, and his elder brother Adeel Khan were arrested on Sunday in a nine-year-old fraud case.

A case of forging documents was registered against Adeel and Kafeel Khan at the Rajghat police station by Gorakhpur resident Muzaffar Alam in 2009.

The complainant accused Adeel Khan and Dr Kafeel Khan of opening a bank account in the Union Bank of India in 2009 under his name using fake documents and forged signatures.

The matter is being investigated by Senior Superintendent of Police Shalabh Mathur.

“We found the complaint to be true as the bank account was opened in the name of Mohammad Faizan using the photograph of the complainant Muzaffar Alam. As per the complaint the accused also made transactions of Rs 2 crores from the same account,” said SSP Mathur.

Local police sources in the Rajghat police station told The Citizen, “Both brothers have been arrested, but we are not aware of the location where they are being held.”

Dr Khan’s re-arrest comes two days after he was released on bail after being arrested on charges of creating a disturbance and ruckus at a district hospital in Bahraich.

According to the police Dr Khan was arrested on Saturday allegedly for arguing with doctors and causing a hindrance in the treatment being given to patients at the hospital. He was later released on the orders of the magistrate.

Dr Khan’s family shared posts on Facebook relating to his arrest and that of his brother, accusing the Uttar Pradesh police of framing false charges. The statement by the family states that Dr Khan was going to organise a press conference about the wrongdoings of the Baharich district hospital authorities, and to explain the cause of death of 79 children. But, he was arrested from the hospital even before the press conference could be organised.