NEW DELHI: It is confusing for the citizen. But worry not, The Citizen is here to sort it out for you what will Rs 10 crore defamation suits (not clothes but legal):

1. There was a Central Bureau of Investigation raid on Delhi government’s Principal Secretary. Why? Well it was because…..

Okay let’s start again:

1. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal dismiss an official Ashish Joshi earlier this year for ‘chewing tobacco and smoking’ while in office;

2. Joshi is absorbed in the Union Ministry of Communications and Information and Technology in May;

3. Joshi files a case with the CBI in July saying Principal Secretary to Delhi CM had floated a company that he got empanelled with a public sector unit for tenders;

4. CBI wakes up, raids Delhi CM’s office in December. Or wait is it the Principal Secretary’s office? Maybe both.

5. CBI is excited, says it has found 11 (or is it 14) bottles of whisky and Rs 28 lakhs in the senior officers account. Media feels it is a lot of whisky and a lot of money, and gives it good coverage. (Many want to know how much media editors have in their accounts, senior journalist Kuldip Nayar has for long been asking editors to disclose assets).

6. Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party cries “foul”. The CBI sealed the CM’s office, they shout.

7. Parliament dissolves in anger. Congress and AAP and others protest in and outside the House.

8. Kejriwal says he found a CBI official reading a file on the Delhi and District Association scams. This is what the raid was all about, he seems to imply.

9. Opposition picks it up, says investigate charges against Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on DDCA irregularities when he was in charge;

10. Jaitley says, “Rubbish”;

11. Cricketer and BJP MP Kirti Azad re-emerges with charges against Jaitley that no one had been listening to earlier;

12. Azad and former Indian cricket team captain Bishen Singh Bedi hold press conference with a video to prove charges of corruption against Jaitley

13. BJP Mps join Opposition colleagues in smiling and sniggering in corners in central hall;

14. AAP government announces an inquiry headed by former Solicitor General of India Gopal Subramaniam into DDCA's corruption.

15. Jaitley files 10 crore defamation suit (legal not clothes) against Delhi CM;

16. What about me, asks Azad, why are you not filing a defamation suit against me!

Parliament enters last two days of no-business. Curtains down. And business moves to next year.