Dear Students and the Media,

I am being polite by saying “Dear” as that is not part of the vocabulary I was indoctrinated with. But since this is in English might as well use the terminology that you people are familiar with, though I would have preferred to write “Hey you terrorists and presstitutes…” But consider that said.

So yesterday was a good day right. The streets were ours as were the Patiala court premises. We had the green signal from the top, and the full protection of the Delhi police (now those are desh bhakts for you) to hit you, beat you, abuse you, tear your shirts, pin you down, smash your phones, touch the women (that was just the desert) and teach you what desh bhakti is all about.

Our slogans were good I must say. We will break your bones and your phones, Desh ke gaddar---very inspirational as our lawyers went for your heads.

You were there in support of an anti-national? You had the temerity. Didn’t you hear our president ---no not that Pranab Mukherjee---our Amit Shah, draw the lines in the morning when he made it clear that we who want to arrest the students, stop dissent and debate, thrash anyone who differs are the true nationalists. And that all those opposing us and our will, and supporting JNU the bed of terrorism, are the anti-nationals.Of course the list includes all these political leaders---Rajiv Gandhi, Kejriwal, Karat, Yechury, Nitish Kumar,D. Raja,...but it also includes you people who were in court and those who are supporting you outside. All of India? Haha, you deserve another beating just for that claim.

We know what you look like, beards, kurtas, jholas---you cannot escape us. We are looking out for you and your kind now, for you know you have a look that we can spot just as we can spot the Muslims, the Christians, those gays, and of course the women from a mile off! We are also learning to recognise the Dalits, because they too have an anti-national look you know.

And Presstitutes you say you were there to cover the hearing of that boy who is linked with Hafiz Saeed. Why? Why are you covering his appearance in court? What is so special about him? As for that account being fake, didn’t you hear our man Bassi tell you people that he does not care whether it was fake or not. It was a dangerous message and of course he, and we, had to respond to it. And so we stopped the police from acting when you people were beaten up. Oh it was good to see the journalists being hit and as one of our supporters has said on twitter, next time we will beat you, and beat you, until we hear the sound of your bones breaking!

Our BJP MLA O.P.Sharma showed the way, when he ran,caught hold of that CPI chap, and beat him mercilessly. And let you all know there with your video cameras that anyone who raises pro-Pakistan slogans will be killed. Yes killed.Did you hear that? Bassi didn’t hear it and has not seen the videos that are all over Youtube and television. Never mind, he will see it I am sure soon and will join Sharma in his excellent sentiments.

We are here to teach you all a lesson. So some of you Prestitutes are taking out a march. Haha, nothing could be more hilarious. Anyways we have a good bid media channel supporting us, and that has the highest TRP ratings you know so we are more than happy. The star anchor is a good man, a desh bhakht, who fights for our right to arrest, maim and jail. He hates the sickulars, in fact he now uses our terminology to describe you! All of you should be like him, maybe you will learn.

They say 40 Universities and more have supported this Kanhaiya and the JNU students? All anti-nationals, we will teach them all a lesson. And this Opposition ---they will also learn. As for these ex-servicemen still demonstrating at Jantar Mantar we will show them what patriotism is. And these writers and scientists returning awards----well they are not going to get any more from us!! And these Muslims, Christians, Dalits---let them howl in protest, they are all expendables and can go to Pakistan with the rest of you. As can these farmers protesting every other day, they can continue committing suicide for all we care.

You think we are small. You are mistaken! We are big. Our Prime Minister is Narendra Modi, our leader whose silence is comforting. Shahji is the man we look up to, as he guides us, he is our mentor. Our will will prevail, you will see. We are the big macho men of India, the desh bhakts, the nationalists who know that by beating and killing we will establish a strong India. There will be no Pakistan, or America, or that China, no international world. It will be us, in our march forward.

And we will make sure you respect the national anthem and the national flag. Does not matter if the RSS does not fly the national flag, how is that a problem? Only sickulars can raise such silly issues. The Constitution? Well thats an iffy one ---all this about secularism, not good--- as we have our own constitution for a Hindu Rashtra that will prevail.

So sickulars and presstitutes and you JNU traitors, recognise the truth. We are the new order. We are within the law as the Delhi police keeps trying to explain to you. (these courts are a bit of an issue but lets see…). And don’t speak to us about democracy, we are democratic. The people of India have elected us!

A Desh Bhakht!