Dear Mr Jung,

You had resigned, the media reported it, there was some speculation and the matter could, and should have ended there. You met the Prime Minister as was normal, said that obviously you could not share the details of the meeting, went on to hint yet again that the Delhi government often acted outside the Constitution that you said you had upheld along with the central government, and well that was that. Or at least should have been that.

And like I said whether one agreed with your take on your resignation, one had to respect it.

You said you had acted on your own, that somehow no one believes but that. You said that the Centre had never intervened, but while many probably beg to differ those remarks from you were understandable. As was the statement of the PM being a visionary, and that you had never ever received so much “cooperation and guidance” in your 35 years of service as you had from this PM. All fine, as it was all in keeping with your track record of several years.

But then you went to say you were “completely convinced” of the PM’s “secular values as far as Hindu-Muslim relations are concerned.” And added, “I believe he wants to take the minorities along.” Interesting, as there was no need for these comments and surely you have not left the post because somewhere your Muslim identity was underlined? Or have you? So why the endorsement that has nothing to do with your resignation, or at least not that we know of.

And that too coming from you, who have been so very silent about the attacks on Muslims and have sought to potray the impression that you are above your religious identity, as the Lt Governor. Why then this certificate to the PM on minorities?

It is your prerogative when you choose to remain silent on issues of communalism, as there are many like you who like to play the ostrich. But when you go out of context to issue secular certificates then Mr Jung you do call attention to your silence. As you have held high positions, and cannot thus choose the one without raising questions about the other. More so as this is not question about how you ‘feel’ but of the reality on the ground.

And the reality has not made the minorities at least secure Mr Jung. There is probably not a single state now that has not been marred by communal violence, starting your term in office (or a little after that actually) with Muzaffarnagar where hundreds of Muslims fled and became refugees in their own land. And going on to cover West Bengal even as we speak, Assam, Manipur where the flames are still visible, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar, UP of course, Haryana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Punjab. And Delhi where Muslim homes and shops were burnt, and where tension simmered for days,without a word from you,as far as I remember.

Secularism certificates cannot be handed out Mr Jung on the basis of a feeling, these need to be supported by reality on the ground. And silence and inaction from those who have been elected to uphold the democracy and secularism enshrined in the Indian Constitution does not bode well for the minorities, no matter how much you and I Sir, ‘feel’ inside. Those in public positions need to act and the list includes you and the Prime Minister. To act, to speak, to soothe, to ensure justice.

And secularism is certainly not about laying chadars on shrines, or tokenism. It is ensuring equality, justice, security, for all Indian citizens and more.

All the very best for your ‘academic’ life Sir,

And a Very Happy 2017 to you.

A Concerned Citizen (and you can call me a Muslim if you feel I am one).