Dear Bhakt,

Demonetisation seems to have grayed you a little bit, and you are not as active as you were on the social media. I know that you quietly attach yourself to various accounts---the egg and supposedly scary profile pictures giving you away---but even so we miss you. And so decided to give your thoughts a bit of a perk, and help you come out of the doldrums as it were.

Now look at the way US President Donald Trump is making the headlines. He is all over the world---and while you are at present a little unsure whether to jump up in his defense or not, let me help make up your mind. And give you something to brag about every time he takes a decision.

Just remember dear bhakt we are the pioneers. And much of what Trump is saying or doing has been borrowed from us. Except that he is on the world stage being a world leader, gets the banner headlines, and has thus, been grabbing the credit for what is really ours. We showed him the way, but being this ungrateful man he is not acknowledging it the way he should.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi won the elections as a nationalist pledging to bring back India, on very much the same lines as this Trump much later. The difference here is that our PM managed to tame the media and the corporates who continue to lie prostrate every time he passes by, quite unlike Trump who is being hit by both powerful institutions on a daily basis. Some say that the media and the corporates are more democratic in the US, more independent, more courageous. But don’t listen to them, they are just trying to take away the credit that is ours.

But look at the action. During the campaign our PM promised that he would bring an end to immigration from the neighbouring countries, and allow only Hindu immigrants in. And he has proceeded to do just that.

And now we learn that amendments will be brought in the Citizenship Act to ensure that Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are kept out of its purview. Of course the 24hour television channels do not report it, but it is being done. There is no publicity, as the media is under full control, , and there are no headlines. Sheer class.

Now look at Trump. He screams from the rooftops, bans immigration from seven countries, let it be known his angst is against the Muslim countries, and gets hit by the media and governments across the world. There are protests, there are Trudeau’s offerings to house immigrants including Muslims, and although Trump is silent for a change I am sure he is feeling the heat exerted by democracy.

We don’t have any such thing, just a few voices from those poor sick immigrants but they are terrorists anyway so who cares. Right?

And like our PM, Trump has said he will filter the applications and make sure that the Christian refugees from the banned countries as well get a permit to come into the US. We did it with the argument that they are minorities in these neighbouring Muslim countries (of course we take care not to use such words) and are subjected to religious persecution. That they are of course. Must say Trump is following us very closely too, he has said almost the exact same words to justify his decision.

The only problem there is that terrible US media. They are refusing to follow our media, and insist on speaking out and opposing their President. What a shame! They should learn that silence is golden. And to speak out for equal rights for all is anti-national.

Our Modi said he would ensure that the indifferent progress on the fence (wall) on the India Bangladesh border would be speeded up and completed within a time frame. This was key to the campaign in the north east in particular, and the work on the longest border in the world---2500 km--is on. Of course there are many houses along this border with the front door opening into Bangaldesh and the back door into India, but these are voiceless people and their claims do not matter. Too poor to matter so the wall wiill of course not take their territorial claims, if any, into account. We have a fence on part of the border with Pakistan, we definitely need the same between Myanmar and us, Nepal and us and so on and so forth. Uff, all these people and that too poor are more than we civilised nations can bear.

And now look at this Trump. Without giving us any credit, he has taken all the votes in the US in the name of this wall with Mexico. And one of his first executive decisions has been to order the construction of this infamous wall. Again of course the American media is not playing footsie, and really it should learn from us. Maybe Trump can send some of them here to be coached in subservience and silence. Very important for the success of these schemes.

And as if that was not enough, he is getting sensors and a good surveillance system put along the wall. The news is that he is getting a British firm to do all this---look at that, a thumbs down to the American companies by no less a person than the President. Well we go to Israel, but don’t declare it on loudspeakers right?

Well all you eggs and a bit frightening profile picture wallahs, suggest you focus right now on Trump and ‘follow’ him instead of wasting time on us here. And use your energies to make him accountable, in that to give credit to our government and not try to bask in spotlights that are not rightfully his. The Mexcian wall indeed! When we have our very own Bangaldesh wall coming up!

As for Muslims, well again take any leaf you want out of our book. We lynch them with ease, and have legislators---yes equivalent to the US senators---justify it, and be felicitated, re-elected what have you. I am not listing the rest we have in our Muslim/Dalit book as its all a notch below this. But you get the gist. So now just get on to that Trump account and let him know we were first, and far ahead. And that he is a plagiarist (of action) like his wife.

Well I will leave you now dear Bhakt with all this food for thought. I am sure the ‘eggs’ will now appear on Trumps wall, to educate him as it were.

Don’t be away too long, we miss you

A Stockholm Syndrome Survivor