NEW DELHI: While the flood victims of Jammu and Kashmir are slowly limping back to normalcy on the one hand, on the other, beggars in Delhi are collecting alms claiming to be flood victims and are taking the disaster as a new business opportunity.

“Please give us something, the floods took away our homes, clothes and whatever we had” said a beggar claiming to be from South Kashmir’s Anantnag district to this reporter at Central Delhi’s Connaught Place market, hoping to receive alms.

But upon inquiry and a close look to their documents, it was found that these people belong to different parts of Bihar, many from Anantnapur area and have absolutely no association with Kashmir.

Claiming to be victims of flood fury in J&K, these beggars visit different places and shops around Connaught Place(CP) in Central Delhi and ask for donations.

“Floods have destroyed kashmiris and helping them is a noble cause” said Santosh Singh, a visitor to this market after he gave some money to the beggar, but on being asked how he is sure about their identity, Santosh had no answer.

With more than dozens of beggars around the Inner Circle in CP, pedestrians and shoppers are having a tough time to tackle them.

“Often when you refuse to give alms, they hold your legs, clothes and won’t let you to move, this is real embarrassment” said Narendra Rawal, a local shopper. “These gutty beggars, even don’t fear the Police and warn you if threatened of Police action” Narendra added.

Further, the local shoppers blame Delhi Police for their callous attitude and letting them loose.

“These beggars trouble the Shoppers even in front of Police and instead of taking action, they just smile and walk away” said a shopper.

Often blamed for crimes and increasingly being recognized as frauds, these beggars often seen taking drugs in the market. People now eagerly want Police to chip in and take strong action against these fraudulent.

“Until Police won’t take strong action against these beggars they will continue to harass us and create nuisances” said Dimpy Gulati, a frequent shopper.