SRINAGAR: In apparently a case of mistaken identity, a young, unarmed man was shot dead today by security personnel inside the residence of the former union minister and National Conference president Dr Farooq Abdullah in Jammu region.

Witnesses and police sources said Murfad Hussain Shah, 28, a resident of Ghaluta in Mendhar area of Poonch district of J&K, rammed his car into the gate of the residence of Dr Abdullah, former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister, in Bhatindi area at around 10:26 am.

Sources said the sentry of CRPF E/38 BN deployed at the gate reportedly first fired warning shots but the young man continued with his act before halting the car adjacent to the garden.

“The car broke the security barricade and entered into the main compound of the residence. The man then walked out of the car and entered into the building where he ransacked the belongings,” police sources said.

Sources said the security paraphernalia deployed at the residence of Dr Abdullah, a Lok Sabha member from Srinagar constituency, chased the intruder and he was shot dead inside the house on the staircase. A policeman also suffered injuries in the incident, apparently after having a scuffle with the intruder.

Dr Abdullah is away in New Delhi to attend the ongoing Parliament session. “I am aware of the incident that took place at the residence my father & I share in Bhatindi, Jammu. Details are sketchy at the moment. Initial reports suggest an intruder was able to gain entry through the front door & in to the upper lobby of the house,” Dr Abdullah’s son, Omar Abdullah, wrote on Twitter.

The incident is seen as a major breach in the security of Dr Abdullah, a Z-plus category protectee. Soon after the incident, a large contingent of police and army arrived at the residence to assess the situation.

A video shot moments after the incident went viral on social media showing a woman, apparently the sister of the slain man, cursing the security personnel for shooting her “innocent brother”. Forces assure her that her brother has been taken to hospital for treatment.

“If anything happens to my brother, I will shoot you in your face, Farooq Abdullah,” the unidentified woman wails outside the residence as a group of men try to console her. A senior police officer said a case has been registered and investigations are underway.

“We are checking the antecedents of the deceased man. The motive behind his actions has not been established so far but we will speak with his family and relatives to shed some more light on the case. So far there is no evidence to suggest that he was linked with any terror group,” the officer said.