SRINAGAR: A Kashmiri Pandit trader who decided to return to Srinagar and restart his shop in the Old Town received a rousing welcome from locals. Roshan Lal Mawa was warmly welcomed by Kashmiri Muslim traders at Zainakadal, a commercial hub. The traders honoured him with dastarbandi (the tying of a white headgear).

“I am a very successful businessman in Delhi and I own a house in Sainik farms,” Mawa told The Citizen. “But a Kashmiri can never love some other place. The love of my homeland, which I used to miss so dearly, has brought me back.”

“I can sacrifice anything for the breeze of Kashmir. It is where I belong,” he said, adding, “There is no life in Delhi.”

Responding to the welcome Mawa said, “The way the trader fraternity has welcomed me today, proves that nothing has actually been lost.”