ANANTNAG: With the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) Assembly elections coming to a close, the field agencies belonging to different defense establishments have -- in the exit polls -- tried their hand at predicting results might surprise the political bigwigs in various assembly segments.

One such agency has informed The Citizen that National Conference will emerge as the surprising winner in South Kashmir’s Doru Assembly segment.

Represented currently by senior Congress leader G A Mir, the agencies have confirmed that National Conference which was losing grip on the constituency since 2002 has surprisingly made a comeback. The key factor has been youth for the NC candidate Farooq A Gania.

An advocate by profession, Farooq has remained an active journalist for fifteen years before finally taking up advocacy as permanent profession.

He was given the charge of the party for Doru segment after his father and senior NC Minster late Mohammad Akbar Ganie passed away this year.

The Agencies have also reported the downfall of Congress in this assembly segment.

Meanwhile, even the latest reports of the agencies reveal that there will be neck to neck competition between the People’s Democratic Party and NC with latter clinching the seat. Congress will,thus, be relegated to the third position.

However, analysts believe that the current voting trend in the state is based on the “Change” and people are analyzing the candidate before actually voting for them.

“Gone are the days when people used to blindly support a political party, today for voters, Candidate is more important than party and they vote on face value” said a Political analyst based in Kashmir valley.