NEW DELHI: With the advancements of the PDP towards forming the next coalition government with the BJP in Jammu and Kashmir, the people of the Kashmir valley, particularly the youth, have expressed clearly that they are against any such move.

The Citizen talked to scores of youths to know their opinion regarding the ongoing talks between various political parties only to conclude that people are favoring PDP-NC coalition instead of BJP as one of the ruling party.

“Kashmir has voted against the BJP in recent elections and now if they will come to power, it will be anti-Kashmir Government” Said Nawaz Ahmad of Down Town Srinagar.

The ongoing hectic deliberations between various political parties in Kashmir to form the next government in the State have kept everyone on toes in Kashmir with people keenly following each and every development.

People are seen discussing the prevailing political conditions in offices, parks and roadside shops.

“All but one of the BJP candidates in Kashmir lost their security deposits and under such condition if they come to rule us, it will be like rubbing salts on our wounds” said Farooq Ahmad of Anantnag district.

Similar views was expressed by others.

Irfan Ahmad, a government employee in the state believes that the high turnover in recent elections was only to keep BJP out of the state.

“Kashmir voted overwhelmingly this time to keep BJP out of power and let secular forces take the center stage to form the next government, this is something that can’t be ignored” he told The Citizen.

Further, he added that this is the time for both the state parties, referring to PDP and NC to support each other and fight the extremist BJP.

“The BJP is an extremist party who wants to take out legitimate rights from us, if BJP comes to power, there will be uprising in Kashmir” Irfan opined.

Another youth Shahnawaz Ahmad belonging to the volatile downtown area in Srinagar added that BJP’ plan to abrogate Article 370 will be strongly opposed.

“BJP is planning to fix their own CM in the state in order to go ahead with the move to abrogate Article 370, but let me tell you that it will be strongly opposed in the state” Shahnawaz cautioned.

Adding that it is the responsibility of the state-centric parties like NC and PDP to join hands and unite against communal forces, he said “ If NC and PDP claim to be well-wishers of the state, then it is the right time for both of them to unite and form the next government to keep the BJP out”

PDP, which emerged as the single largest party in Jammu and Kashmir by winning 28 seats, is believed to be in talks with the BJP and other parties to form the next government in J&K.

However, the fractured mandate given by the people is making the negotiations fairly difficult.