NEW DELHI: An angry Manik Sarkar, Tripura Chief Minister and CPM politburo has urged for a united protest against the Central government's decision to put a stop at any fresh appointments and jobs in the public sector.

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, in a recent letter to the state governments, have asked to stop all new appointments till October 31, Sarkar informed the people during a party rally in Dharmanagar in North Tripura on Wednesday.

The agitated Chief Minister added that Jaitley, on the other hand , did not spell out anything about the Centre's future plans in this regard and how government offices would function without adequate staff.

Terming the BJP and the Congress as the two sides of the same coin, the Chief Minister said that both the parties are working only for the benefit of the rich and pointed out that the then UPA government had also imposed a ban on new employment two years ago which the Modi government continued without without any valid argument or reason.

Further, he said “We have neither adopted the new pension policy of the central government nor accepted the ban on employment in Tripura and more than 15000 jobs in various departments were given by the left front government in past three years”.

Seemingly more displeased by the NDA than the previous UPA, the politburo said the earlier government at least did not curtail the allocation of state in previous years and as a result, the state government could manage the development as well as created job opportunities for the youths.

“But Narendra Modi led government after coming into power is started drastic cut in allocation and releasing even the committed funding to the state and now saying no job in public sector. How does a government in an isolated state like Tripura function?” he asked.

Meanwhile, he alleged that the Modi government is only working for the corporates and has rather neglected the people. Criticizing the NDA government, Sarkar reiterated that even after eight months Narendra Modi could not determine pro-people development model for the country.

Adding that the Centre hasn’t even released funds worth over Rs 4,000 crore sanctioned under various Central schemes for Tripura, he said that the state government has in fact, already spent money from its own resources on several Centre-funded projects and is now facing serious financial problems.

“The security of food for all and the assurance of 100 days work under MGNREGA to the poor have been achieved by passing separate Act in Indian parliament but now Modi government is denying the rights of the people,” he said.

However, he stated that Centre, on the other hand, is rather selling out the share of profitable nationalized sector to private parties, allowing private investment in banks, insurance, natural resource management and even in the defense sector.

Sarkar further added “Most dangerous trend of the new government is neglecting agriculture sector and stop patronising the farmers under the influence of a few corporate. To liberalise budget deficit we have been demanding for direct taxation based on economic status but it is being discouraged and the government is announcing tax holiday for the rich people.”