SRINAGAR : The Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed said his government would "achieve its objectives" on revoking the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) from the state.

"I know everything. I know what to do and what not to do. Whatever we have to do, we will do that," Sayeed told reporters on the sidelines of an inauguration ceremony of an international buyer-seller meet at the SKICC here.

The statement comes days after the Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar ruled out revocation of AFSPA from the state.

Asked about Parikkar's statement that AFSPA was mandatory if the Army is deployed in Jammu and Kashmir or any other state for internal security, Sayeed said: "Whatever our objectives are, we will achieve them".

The PDP and the BJP, who are running a coalition government in the state, have been making contradictory statements on the revocation of AFSPA.

The carefully worded 'Agenda of the Alliance' worked out between the two parties before the alliance was announced, had promised to relook into the need of continuing with the draconian law that had become the cause of immense sufferings over the last 25 years in Kashmir Valley.

While both the parties have historically held different views on the AFSPA and need for it in the state at present, the coalition agenda states that the government "would examine the need for denotifying the 'disturbed areas' in the state."

"This, as a consequence, would enable the Union government to take a final view on the continuation of AFSPA in these areas," the alliance agenda reads.

Seeking to downplay the series of attacks on mobile telecom installations and people associated with it in the Valley, Sayeed said it is a "temporary" phase and those responsible for it will be "taken care of by law".

"If these things (threats and attacks in north Kashmir) happen, it is a temporary phase, it is not a permanent phase," Sayeed said when asked about the spate of attacks on mobile service providers in Baramulla district.

Two persons have been killed and three others injured in four attacks carried out by militants in past week on the telecom installations and people associated with it in Sopore and nearby Pattan area.

"People have seen a lot of difficulties. They want to see good times, they want to see peace. They want to earn their livelihood and live with dignity," he said.

Sayeed said there would be action against those behind the attacks. "Yes, why would there be no action... When these things happen, they will be taken care of as per law," he said.

On the raising of Pakistani flags in rallies of various separatist leaders, the chief minister blamed the media for giving the issue too much hype, but said the law would take its own course.

"It is the media which is giving it much hype. They are some small group and it would be taken care of. Law will take its own course," he said.