SRINAGAR: Pro-Pakistan Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Geelani blamed the Jammu and Kashmir government for allowing the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh to provide arms training to the minority community in camps (shakas) in educational institutions of Jammu.

"Since the inception of Mufti-RSS government in Jammu and Kashmir, the communal and fascist organisations are considering the Jammu region as their conquered territory," Geelani's spokesperson said in a statement.

The remarks come days after the photographs of RSS and VHP cadre purportedly undergoing arms training at Jammu University surfaced on social networking sites, sparking reactions in the state where the fear of communal polarisation looms large.

Geelani said the RSS and VHP activists have turned Jammu University into a training center for their activities where they organise different programs to spread communal hatred. He said that reports of training students in the use of arms were now coming in.

Geelani painted a horrific picture evoking the memories of Partition to do so. Warning that Jammu Muslims will not be left on the mercy of "communal forces" and any anti-Muslim activity will not be tolerated, the spokesman said: "It will trigger a strong reaction in the Kashmir Valley and the people of this region will en masse move to the Jammu and will protect our brethren there at every cost."

The Hurriyat accused the PDP-BJP government of replacing Muslim officers with the RSS minded-people from key posts in administration, police, judiciary, revenue and education departments.

"The communal and fascist forces have now started wicked and dangerous activities in the Jammu region. The arms training is not only restricted to the males only but women are also being taught to use weapons and a co-ordinated programme has been launched in cities, towns and villages of the Jammu division," the Hurriyat spokesperson said.

"If the government will not rein in the communal forces, the pro-freedom leadership will come on the roads and will start a movement against this," the spokesperson added.