NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has reached out to the agitating people of Manipur with an assurance that their demands would be sympathetically considered.

Ashok Prasad, the special secretary, Internal Security visited the state along with a delegation last week to study the situation. He heard representatives from all concerned organizations.He also held a close door meeting with the Joint Action Committee(JAC).

Prasad addressed the dissenting crowd. ?"As you all are aware, on the basis of recommendation received from this area, I have been directed by the Ministry of Home Affairs to come to this area to interact with all of you and to provide the Government with the feedback on the situations on your concerns and priorities. The valuable suggestions on the waves of this difficult circumstances will be taken into account.?These are difficult time that we faced today. A difficult situation that can only be move forward with the help and sympathetic participations of all the stakeholders" Prasad said.

He appealed and sought support to stabilise and pacify an extremely volatile situation.Ever since the Manipur State Assembly passed the infamous 3 bills, 9 tribal lives have been lost with continuous protests in all tribal areas of Manipur.

There were also rallies and protests not only in Manipur but in all metropolitan cities of India like New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Assam etc. Memorandum against the discrimination of tribals was sent to the government by the Manipur tribal diaspora, living in countries like the USA, UK, Singapore.

The agitating crowd was also angry with the Chief Minister of Manipur Ibobi Singh. Ever since the situation broke out in state and even when 9 lives were lost due to the 3 bills passed by the assembly, he has not made any statement for the dead nor expressed his concern over the turmoil that has overtaken the state, with Churachandpur as the central point.

The protesters, all wearing black, greeted the central government team. Prasad addressed the public meeting organized at the Churachandpur Public Ground.

He said he shared the pain felt by the loss of lives and that he would take necessary and effective steps to bring back peace and stability to the area. JAC convenor Pu Mangchinkhup gave Ashok Prasad a copy of the memorandum and later visited the Hospital morgue to pay tribute to those who had been killed in the violence.

The five hill districts Churanchandpur, Senapati, Temenglong, Chandek and Ukhrul have been protesting since August 31 since the state assembly has passed the three controversial bills. The agitating members of these five districts are demanding the withdrawal of the bills and protection of the rights of the hill tribes in the state.

Speaking to The Citizen, Th.Thangzalian, Editor of The Lamka Post said, “nothing less than the withdrawal of the bills can bring in peace in the state. The concerns have been taken into account and everyone is now waiting for a peaceful solution".

Of Manipur's total area of 22,327 sq km, the valley covers 2,238 sq km while the hills cover the remaining 20,089 sq km. Of the nine districts in the state, five are spread across the hills.