NEW DELHI: Constant infiltration from across the border has raised the threat perception at the Indo- Myanmar fringe in Ukhrul and Chandel districts according to intelligence agencies.

Last week Ukhrul District Magistrate, Hrisheekesh Modak, mposed curfew inside a three kilometer belt along the Indo-Myanmar border in Ukhrul and Chandel Districts from 6 pm to 4 am for a time period of six months.

The order said the curfew was imposed after inputs about infiltration and unlawful activities at the borders by millitant groups.

Speaking to The Citizen, Hrisheekesh Modak said, “ The instructions were from Home Department of the state. It is believed that there must be something important behind issuing such instructions. The close monitoring will go on for some time now”.

According to the security agencies, the developments particularly amid the night hours are hampering peace in the State which should be confined at the border belt to stop such unlawful exercises.

The State Home Department has likewise passed on approbation on the inconvenience of time limitation along the Indo-Myanmar Border under segment 144 CrPC.

Under the prohibitory orders movement in the jungles is not allowed. All are prevented from carrying guns in the territorial domain.Vehichles are also prohibited. Houses and vehicles in the area are and can be subjected to sudden checks by the Army at any time of the day or night.

President of the journalist association of North Eastern region, K. Sothing, told The Citizen, “ The border activities are closely monitored. There is infiltration and many disturbances noticed for quite some time. It is believed that the security agencies would want a watch. However being a border area it requires attention all the time.”