NEW DELHI: The issue of illegal Bangladeshi migrants got a shot in the arm with the one-man fact finding team of Upamanyu Hazarika appointed by the Supreme Court claiming that the influx of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants into Assam has drastically changed the demographics of the state and a growth of 4 percent has been recorded in Assam’s Muslim population between 2001 and 2011.

The report mentioned a sudden rise in the electorate in some areas and said that most of these migrants were registered with the government, though their nationalities were yet to be ascertained.

The report, submitted by senior advocate Upamanyu Hazarika to the apex court last week, proposes suggestions to stop the “continued aggression of illegal immigrants”. This comes at a time when the court is hearing a PIL against the grant of citizenship to illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.

The recommendations list restriction on sale of land and immovable property and on government jobs, suggesting stringent measures before giving jobs or selling land to illegal immigrants.

“There is significant rise in the illegal immigrants and that is a huge cause of concern. The residents feel that this consistent influx of illegal immigrants is a threat to the social fabric and it can create an imbalance. The government will have to tackle the issue keeping in view the interest of both sides” said Upamanyu Hazarika while talking about it to The Citizen.

The residents are of the opinion that “In the face of glaring facts, continued aggression of illegal migrants and changing demography, what are the options available (for residents), more so when the government acts only for the benefit of such migrants.”

The fact finding team has taken into consideration all the concerns that has been put forward by the illegal immigrants and the residents. It has offered suggestions and the government will consider them while deciding on the future course of action.

Meanwhile a delegation of Nikhil Bharat Bangali Udbastu Samanvay Samiti about a month ago met with the Home Minister Rajnath Singh and handed over a representation about their concerns as illegal immigrants.