SRINAGAR: Former union minister and National Conference patron, Dr Farooq Abdullah, said Saturday the entire Indian Army “can’t defend us from militants", day after he courted controversy over his remarks on the status of Jammu and Kashmir.

"The resolution of Kashmir problem lies in dialogue (with Pakistan). Even if the entire Army of India comes to our rescue, they cannot defend us. We have a chance (of solving Kashmir problem) today, which might not be there tomorrow. Today I speak this before you, tomorrow I may be killed by militants," he said during an interaction with civil society in Jammu.

Terming the remarks as "uncalled", Janata Dal (United) Sunday said the former J&K chief minister’s statement would discourage the Army. “Farooq Abdullah’s remark will discourage the Army. Politicians should avoid making such remarks,” JD (U) leader KC Tyagi told ANI in New Delhi.

Dr Abdullah's comment comes day after he sparked a controversy by saying that India should give up its quest of wresting back the control the Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) as it belonged to that country. The BJP had condemned Abdullah's remark, saying it was an insult to the country.

Defending his remarks, Dr Abdullah said he has always advocated bifurcation of the state, "Ever since I came into politics, I have always said that the (divided) state can never become one. Neither we have the power to take back their part (PaK) nor can they (Pakistan) take our part; we both are nuclear powers," he said.

Criticising the media for "twisting" his statement, Dr Abdullah said his views on PaK and Jammu and Kashmir is not the only solution and that his party would accept any decision which was acceptable to the majority of people in India, Pakistan and J&K.

"I never said it was the ultimate solution. If you have a better solution acceptable to a majority of Indians, Pakistanis and J&K citizens, it is also acceptable to us," he said, urging India and Pakistan to restart the dialogue for reaching a final resolution on Kashmir.

Dr Abdullah said the tenure of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had lent a hope to the final resolution of Kashmir issue but it didn't happen. He said even though Nawaz Sharif was heading the government in Pakistan, the real power is in the hands of Pakistan Army.

"The day problems between India and Pakistan are resolved, Pakistan army will lose its significance," he said.