DAHRUN: Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and his government is just focusing on relief and rehabilitation in Srinagar with the flood ravaged districts of South Kashmir being totally ignored. No government is visible here, with the people in dire need of government attention on a large scale.

“I want to tell the Chief Minister that Srinagar is not Kashmir, and have been equally affected by the floods” said Manzoor Ahmad Khan, whose house in Darun village has been destroyed in the recent floods.

With 46 structures including 18 residential houses washed away, Dahrun Village that is just 15 kilometers away from the district headquarters Anantnag has been one of the worst hit areas in the Kashmir floods.

The villagers lost their houses, belongings and cattle on the floods and are today struggling to find food to keep themselves alive. They do not have a shelter from the increasingly cold nights with no sign of government relief.

First the villages lost their homes and belongings, as well as their cattle floods took away their houses along with cattle and daily utility things – leaving them shelter less and foodless-now even after 15 days they see no government relief.

“"Although many dignitaries have visited here including revenue officials and local MLAs, but except for words and some little help, no one is doing anything to ensure our permanent rehabilitation” said local Mohammad Akbar Magray, who too lost his house in the floods. The 18 families without a shelter are currently living in a local school and are being fed by others in the area.

“Everyone comes here as offers us food and clothes but what about our rehabilitation “ asks Haseena. “It is not just a question of food but of our future, what are we going to do,” she asked.

Meanwhile Talking to The Citizen, the local National Conference candidate Advocate Farooq A Ghani said that Government is doing everything possible to rehabilitate these families.

“I on the directions of NC party President and Chief Minister Omar Abdullah visited the Place and offered them immediate food supplies and we are doing everything to help them in this hour of need” Ghani claimed.

According to the local Magistrate, “Unfortunately and unnecessarily, people are lying, Like Srinagar, the State Government is also very serious about entire Kashmir and we have already identified the local migrants land as temporary settlement for these Dahrun families and within one month they will be provided permanent settlements.

“We have identified the migrant land nearby and will erect the tents for these families there till we find ways for their permanent settlement” said Bashir Ahmad Bhat, Sub Divisional Magistrate.

Bashir added that within three months, the State Government will distribute Rs 75000 per family as initial relief for their day to day needs.