ASSAM: A Guwahati based lawyer Aman Wadud has filed several complaints against hate mongering Assam DSP Anjan Bora who was suspended on February 12 after A series of hate comments on Facebook.

On January 24, Assam Police DSP wrote on his Facebook account “We should join hands for a Muslim free Hindustan”; on February 8 he posted a comment IN Assamese“Mr.Rafikul Islam congress Kormi tohotor AZAN bonds korim aru tohotor nisina manuh BTAD t bohut Marilu. Bhale bhale Bangladesh gusi ja. Tur mukhot muti dim goria.” This reads in English as “Mr.Rafikul Islam congress Kormi I will stop your AZAN, I have killed people like you in BTAD. Go to Bangladesh. I will urinate in your mouth goria”.

In his series of complaints Aman Wadud appreciating the prompt action of Commissioner & Secretary, Home and Political Department, stated that “Anjan Bora is a public servant and was holding a responsible administrative post, he claims to have killed people in BTAD. He threatens to stop Azan, he openly calls for a Muslim free India. Thus his act amounts to criminal intimidation. The accused has openly promoted enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony.”

The Guwahati based lawyer goes on to state in his complaint that “The accused has expressed his criminal intent several times and has also confessed about killing people in BTAD. If ever the accused is reinstated to his service he could abuse his power and position. Therefore the accused should be dismissed from his service after the departmental proceedings in the interest of law and order.”

Aman Wadud has filed complaints against the suspended DSP Anjan Bora with the National Human Rights Commission, Assam State Human Rights Commission, State Police Accountability Commission Assam, National Commission for Minorities, Assam State Minorities Commission and with the Commissioner & Secretary, Home and Political Department, Govt of Assam.