NEW DELHI: The Manipur government took a pledge on the occasion of the ‘UNESCO International Mother Language day’ to protect the endangered languages and promote these in every possible way.

Interestingly, Manipuri itself is listed as an endangered language along with many others spoken in the state. As per the record of usage data, dialects which may become extinct are Aimol, spoken by 2400, Tarao by 700, Purum- by 276, Moyon by 2270, Monsang by 1270 and some more.

Recently, the ‘Scheme for Protection and Promotion of Endangered Languages’ (SPPEL) was launched under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Human Resource Development

The programme was jointly organized by Tribal and Endanger Language Promotion Board, Department of English Oriental College and UNESCO Manipur Unit at the Manipur Press Club.

Speaking to the media, former Chief Resource Person, Centre for Tribal & Endangered Language (Language Bureau), Ministry of HRD, Dr Th Chandramani said that due to lack of Language Research Centre in both hills and plain, there is a threat to the language and dialect of Manipur. Even though in the State we have the availability of Directorate of Language Planning and Implementation, the organizers create their own preferred language policies which are not effective, he added.

Talking to The Citizen, Editor of Lamka Post, Th.Thangzalian said, “ The efforts have been put in place to save some old languages that are dying. There are several tribal languages that people of hills and plain speak but with each passing day fading away. So such an occasion helps to rekindle the interest and spread information about such issues”

On the aim of promoting, preserving and protecting the endangered languages and dialects of Manipur the UNESCO International Mother Language Day is being observed, he stated.

The authorities are stressing on the fact that individuals of every community need to use their own language or dialect to promote their dialect. Several steps are being taken up to promote, preserve and protect these languages but the communities have been urged to contribute to make this effort a success.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has also announced the list of endangered languages in the country. It identified 192 languages as endangered in India as it has Manipuri in the list.