SRINAGAR: In order to prevent the situation at the National Institute of Technology from flaring up, the J&K Police Sunday detained actor Anupam Kher and BJP activist Ashoke Pandit at the Srinagar airport.

According to police sources, the two were planning to meet the outstation NIT students in Srinagar who have been sitting on a protest since last week, following the tensions over the T20 semifinal clash during which India was knocked out by West Indies.

"They arrived at Srinagar airport in a morning flight but we have stopped them from coming out. Their visit to NIT can flare-up tensions which we don't want to happen. We are now making arrangements for their return flight," a senior police officer said.

After the controversy over T20 clash, the outstation students clashed with the police on Tuesday during which several students suffered minor injuries. A J&K police officer was also manhandled which reportedly triggered lathi-charge on students.

After their action on outstation students, Pandit had termed J&K Police as "sympathisers of Pakistan", drawing sharp reaction from the force which has been at the forefront of counter-insurgency operations in the state.

Under fire from media and rightwing groups, many officers of J&K police gave vent to their ire on social networking sites, asserting that they don't need "certificate of nationalism" from anyone to prove their credentials.

Meanwhile, a group of 'students', allegedly backed by Hindu rightwing groups who left from New Delhi on Saturday in a bus to meet the outstation students at NIT, have been reportedly detained at Lakhanpur border post between Punjab and J&K.