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There comes a time when the ink in your pen runs dry writing about martyrs. There also comes a time where your throat gets parched and words run dry shouting for justice. Worst is when tears in eyes of mothers of martyrs’ dry up too. That is the state we are reaching today.

So many CRPF brothers have laid down their lives yesterday for Kashmir. Even condolences now are running dry. How many more such messages I have to write before we see peace there? How many more lives will be ‘supurde-khak’ for Kashmir?

I only wish politicians wear the Tri-colour and lie down on the pyre once. Get inside a grave to see how it feels. How it feels when thousands of eyes shall peep when you are six feet down under. Just go and touch the feet of this martyr and feel the temperature of that fire. One bruise and you run to AIIMS, imagine his belly full of shrapnel and bullets with nowhere to go. I am told many coffins have been flown empty with just the soldiers name, as bodies were blown to smithereens.

Leave your office and spend time with the martyr’s family. No customary visits please. Imagine you were the soldier who has come on leave. Understand his little children and their needs. Sit with his mom as if she is your mom, press her legs like she used to caress you when you were in her lap. Sit with his father, explain to him your plans for your children and ensure they are fulfilled in his life time.

Sit with his wife, to console her like she is your younger sister. Wipe that flood of tears which she has no control on. Sit and narrate stories of bravery to his friends, then you would know what it takes to be part of a family which wears a uniform. Some of the fathers will dig out their medals, as they too gave their yesterday for your today.

Many politicians are living on donated organs. May I ask what are you living for? Is it to just do ‘bhartsana, kari ninda, sabak sikhane ka viada’ only? When will your mouth run dry making a fool of this nation? Do you really know who the real enemy is? Do you understand why you are sending soldiers to a place where all of you go to enjoy salubrious climate and return to your cosy offices to make plans for this soldier to put his life in the line of fire.

All tricks in your book have run dry. Surgical strikes were made into a ‘hauwa’. It did not work.

Not a single Delhi politician has laid down his life for Kashmir since independence. False promises have definitely lead to increase of soldier’s body bag count. Who dies & why is the question and for whom, needs an answer?

There is always a way to sort out this menace, which the politicians fail to exercise. Fear of repercussions will never bring these ‘for ever silenced soldiers’ back to life. Blood on the roads is not acceptable. Take one politician for every operation. Make sure they have their diapers in place. On return ‘huggies’ will be checked for its contents. Let me see who breaks how many phones then.

All those who rant on AFSPA and Human Rights, kindly keep your mouths shut now. Peace comes with a lot of sacrifices. These militants have no love lost for the human race, so let’s break the backs of these dastards at any cost.

If now the Government’s options run dry, then what are the options left for the soldier? I wonder!

(Photographs BASIT ZARGAR)