Warfare has developed and so has weaponry evolved over ages. From stones to clubs, from slings to to catapults to gunpowder. From foot soldiers, to horseback, from muzzle loaders to Precision Guided Munitions, from sail boats to aircraft carriers, from bi-planes to unmanned aircrafts. From helicopters to drones. From moles and viruses to hackers, from spies to spy satellites, things are changing.

Militaries are all out to outsmart the enemy’s might. In case they are inferior, they use technology to overcome the deficit. Weaker countries make allies with powerful nations for support. World politics evolved, technology evolved, alliances evolved and are still evolving. Humans have become cannon fodder in all this milieu of who is right and who is strong.

On the other side, the farmer and his techniques of farming have also evolved. From bullocks with ploughs to the tractor, from hand harvesting to harvester combines, from Persian wheels to drip irrigation. We can now make artificial clouds rain too.

The reason I brought in the farmers is because Delhi’s defences are being strengthened and fortified. Spikes, slabs, barricades and ditches are being dug all over. Are they expecting an assault by some enemy on Delhi? Besides inconveniencing everyone and wasting tax payer’s money, there could be better ways to “save” the capital. The real miscreants loom large and detonate IEDs near embassies. I hope these barricades are to stop such anti-national people.

Everyone else but farmers are allowed to visit Delhi. ‘Baat kuch hazam nahi hui’. Can they be stopped? If all of them decide to walk ‘cross country’ into the Capital. What if they all decide to fly in from all over? What “objective” will they attack with bare hands and trolley wielding tractors?

What if these spikes are ‘road rolled’ and tractors modified with steel tracks, like that of a tank? I have seen tractors with rubberised tracks already in motion. I am sure the farmers won’t go to that extreme to mount tank like tracks on tractors and there is no need.

Let me also add a word of caution, that the Armoured Corps has a vast majority of people from the land of five rivers and so have the Engineers. They are experts in clearance of minefields and obstacles. To devise a method to overcome these ‘piddly’ so called defences, won’t take much time.

Around the Red Fort, I saw a moat in which policemen were falling, in one of the videos. Digging up a ‘Ditch Cum Bund’ DCB around Delhi’s periphery to save it from farmers could be a solution or am I imagining too much. The Mechanised forces have drills to get to their objectives in riverine and canal infested terrain including DCB sector of Pakistan. If need be we shall see AFT Mark-I (Amphibious Farm Tractors) on the streets of Delhi. Waist deep waters are no shake for them. After all they work in the slush of paddy fields.

I am not sure if the government is going to budge and start afresh. If the aim is to inconvenience people who are transiting through and staying around where the farmers are camping, then it is a different issue. ‘Singhu border and Tikri border” appear to be the new ‘Attari border’. Government and the farmers are doing that ‘drill’ as done for beating the retreat, where no one is a winner. Pseudo muscle flexing and stamping of feet makes no dent to either country.

“Kale Kanoon” did not appear all that kale when this agitation started. The blackness could have been washed off in one sitting amicably. With such fortification coming up, it appears “Daal main kuch Kala Hai”. Who will blink first, the Kisan or the people elected by the Kisan? I wonder!