KABUL: The Revolutionary Association of Women that has lost many of its members over the years of insurgency in Afghanistan has stood for the independence of the country. In a recent article RAWA has asked the Americans, Nato forces to get out of the country along with a “hands off” message to Iran and Pakistan.

The article , that ends with slogans, reads:

The suffering people of Afghanistan had not recovered from the 10-year occupation of the Soviet superpower, when they were attacked by another callous and bloodthirsty superpower in 2001. Our people, tired of war, have been burning in the fire of oppression and plunder set by the occupiers and their stooges. Afghanistan’s occupiers have turned this country into a laboratory for testing traitorous, despotic and corrupt regimes.

October 7th, coincides with the 13th anniversary of the US occupation of Afghanistan which was staged under the banner of ‘war against terror’, defending human rights, women’s rights, and democracy. For securing these false and deceptive purposes, the US leaned on fundamentalist misogynist terrorists and war criminals, and technocrat agents.

The US used the lessons from the Soviet aggression and our nation’s resistance, and occupied our country very cleverly and deceitfully. First they used their fundamentalist Jehadi and Taliban lackeys to drag the country to crisis and chaos after the downfall of the traitorous Khalq and Parcham regime, and then used its propaganda machine to paint the Al Qaeda and Taliban – its own creations – as global threats. The people behind the 9/11 incident were the creations of CIA, but this served as a context to cunningly convince the world, and ‘officially’ invade Afghanistan after the UN ‘authorization’. This way the US ‘legally’ occupied Afghanistan along with NATO countries.

For the complete occupation of Afghanistan and turning it into its military base in the region, the US did not only use arms, but also effectively used propaganda, intelligence and its agents inside the country. In a country that literally does not have food to eat, the occupiers have set up more than 70 television channels and 170 radio channels and put them at the disposal of their lackeys who are busy spreading the colonial culture in the country.

This propaganda has proved so effective for a hungry and oppressed nation that is tired of war, that for the first time in its glorious history of fighting for independence, it has not taken any effective action against the aggression of several foreign countries. A group of intellectuals, who have sold their conscience to serve the US, are the mouthpieces of this western propaganda. They have gone so far in their theories for justifying the occupation and dancing to the tune of their masters, that they label the idea of independence as meaningless in today’s situation. They have crossed all the boundaries of lackeying and turned into inert sellers of their motherland.

In the past thirteen years, the US and its allies have wasted tens of billions of Dollars, and turned this country into the center of global surveillance and mafia gangs; and left it poor, corrupt, insecure, hungry, and crippled with tribal, linguistic, and sectarian divisions. There is no security; our people did not find food and prosperity; our women are not only recognized as second sex people but treated like animals and subjected to violence and trading without accountability; justice is violated in a historic and brutal manner; and the killers and perpetrators of the events following 28th and 27th April – Sayyaf, Qanooni, Mohaqiq, Khalili, Atta Mohammad, Abdullah, Sadiq Modaber, Anwar Jigdalak, Anwari, Baba Jan, Bismillah, Ismail Khan, Oloomi, Zahir Aghbar, Haji Almasm and tens of other criminal elements – continue to straddle our people through government posts and have absolved themselves from their crimes by passing a treacherous immunity bill in the Parliament.

The US army along with forty other countries only killed our innocent compatriots. They had no intention of uprooting the Taliban that enjoy no support among our people, and this ominous and mercenary force is still recognized by the US as useful for its strategic purposes in the region. As a result of the foreign invasion, our country is the most corrupt country and biggest producer of drugs in the world; poverty, unemployment, and the drug addiction of the youth are the tormenting problems plaguing our nation.

The occupiers have demolished the idea of democracy in a fashion that even the Russians had not done to Socialism with their invasion of Afghanistan. Now, for the thousandth time, it has been proven that democracy without independence and justice is void and meaningless.

The most recent example of the US’s sham democracy in Afghanistan is the ridiculous elections. The candidates supported by the US were loyal spies, mafia heads, and professional criminals. The rigging and fraud of this mockery distressed the whole world. John Kerry ordered the formation of a government under the name of ‘national unity’. The government is composed of the most infamous enemies of our people and has been imposed upon our people once more, with Ashraf Ghani, a professional spy, installed as the president. To make its Jehadi lackeys happy, fifty percent of power was given to Abdullah and his gang of looters.

With the shameful imposition of Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah as heads of the government which is made up of the criminals of the past three and a half decades, the first sign of gratitude of these mercenaries to their masters was the official handing over of the fate of Afghanistan by signing the disgraceful strategic pact. The tenure of these new rulers started with this historic national treason. The future of a regime made up of traitors and criminals who have been brought to power not as a result of the vote of people but by the orders of the White House, looks like a clan of hungry hyenas who will not agree on how to feast on the carcass of Afghanistan and will quickly tear each other down.

How is it possible that the US, that has a history filled with treachery to nations and whose claws are still dripping with the blood of the poor people of world, will bring peace and prosperity to Afghanistan? If we ignore the bloody past of the US, did it not unleash mayhem in Libya and Iraq recently and is now out to destroy Ukraine? Has it not brought hell upon the people of Syria by supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda? With its open support for Israel, is it not responsible for the bloodbath in Palestine? Has the US ever shown restraint in partnering with fundamentalists? Rather, it sees them as its obedient dogs and best tools to combat socialism, nationalism, and revolutionary and progressive movements in the region.

In the past thirteen years, our people have suffered immensely from the brutality, plunder, bullying and crimes of the stooges of CIA, ISI, VEVAK, and others. Our ill-fated women have been the prime victims of all this oppression. Unfortunately, in the absence of a vanguard force that would mobilize and organize the anguished masses and direct their hatred to annihilate those responsible for their pain, a large group of national traitors have taken the opportunity and continue to tyrannize our people.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) which is fighting against occupation and fundamentalism with all its might, has full belief that our people will find the will to annihilate these two notorious enemies, if not today, certainly tomorrow, and this destructive storm of the people will uproot these elements. Freedom, democracy, and justice are attainable by the people and not superpowers and foreign countries. Only democracy based on secularism can save Afghanistan from this limbo and direct it on the path of progress and prosperity.

Down with the US and NATO occupiers!

Iran, Pakistan hands off our country!