NEW DELHI: Over 225 Rohingya refugees have nowhere to go after a massive fire burnt down a camp in Delhi’s Kalindi Kunj on Sunday. The fire was the result of a short circuit, and although all the camp’s residents were evacuated, the damage has been severe as the fire took over three hours to put out. 44 shanties were completely gutted, and all belongings in the camp were burnt to ashes. The residents say even the little money they had has been lost, as they don’t have bank accounts.

The camp’s residents -- Rohingya refugees from Myanmar -- who have been called the ‘most persecuted minority in the world’ by the United Nations, once again, have nowhere to go. The community has been in the news as world attention has centred on the excesses by the Myanmar army, who have been accused of ‘ethnic cleansing’ in driving out the Rohingya from Rakhine State. They have been forced to flee; a majority crossing the border into Bangladesh, but some having come into India over the years.

In India, their status remains under threat, after a recent order by the Central Government mandated that the Rohingyas be deported. The order is under challenge in the Supreme Court.

Sunday’s fire left this already homeless people additionally homeless. “Nothing is left for us,” says Hejra, 40, a resident of the camp. The photos by ZIRAK FAHEEM, who visited the camp after the fire destroyed everything, tells their story.