NEW DELHI: “The only way we can tackle hate is to effectively challenge the hate that surrounds us” said Angad Singh, a young Sikh in New York. And having decided this he went on to Times Square and through a simple act of “love” with a “get to know your neighbour” message Singh tried, in his own way, to bust the ignorance by trying his turban publicly.

Below is the video that resonated across the US judging from the over half a million views within a couple of days. But should also resonate across India caught in the midst of divisiveness and hate as well:

Singh says on his Facebook page introducing the video:

Timothy Caughman was killed with a sword in an act of terrorism last Monday. I tie my turban in his memory, and in commitment to always fight for every American's right to be free to be themselves. There is a growing epidemic of hate in this country. It can only be fought with love. Please share this in his memory.

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Update: Terrorism charges for the killer.…/white-supremacist-charged-with-…/