NEW DELHI: In a clear escalation, China has indicated through its official media that it is preparing for war. “ China can take further countermeasures along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). If India stirs up conflicts in several spots, it must face the consequence of an all-out confrontation with China along the entire LAC” the state run Global Times has said today.

The Global Times has stated that the “3500km border” has never been short of disputes, and gone back to the 1962 border war to state that since then “the Indian side has repeatedly made provocations.”China, it insists, will be prepared for future conflicts and confrontation.

However, as in all statements China continues to play on “a sense of rationality” stating that within that country there are voices calling for the immediate explusion of the Indian troops but “the two sides need to exercise restraint and avoid the current conflict spiraling out of control.”

But having said this the comment goes on to state categorically, that while China does not want a “military clash” with India it “doesnt fear going to war to safeguard sovereignty either, and will make itself ready for long term confrontation.”

China is categorical that it does not recognise the land under the actual control of India as Indian territory. But recognises that bilateral border negotiations were ongoing, although “the atmosphere for negotiations has been poisoned by India.”

China has been maintaining that India’s decision to send troops “over the Sikkim section of the China-India border side” is a “blatant infrignement on China’s sovereignty.” And that there can be no negotiations until and unless the troops are withdrawn by India.

The position taken today moves a few steps forward from even yesterday whereby China states:

It is preparing for a long term situation now;

It will continue “ strengthening border construction and speed up troop deployment and construction in the Doklam area. These are legitimate actions of a sovereign country.”

It will reinforce its position along the Line of Actual Control where it does not consider the territory to be with India;

It will take countermeasures along the LAC that will ensure an “all out confrontation” if India does not back off;

It will deploy military and economic resources along the border, including in remote border areas if required.

China through its media today, has stressed on its economic and military prowess. It claims that India’s actions are provoked by competitiveness saying, “as two big developing countries, India and China both had a history of past colonization, and now both are enjoying fast economic growth. But China has risen quickly to be the world's No.2 economy. As time is on China's side, New Delhi is deeply concerned with China's rapid rise. Provocation at the border reflects India's worry and attempt to sound out China.”

It further makes it clear that China can also compet with India “over economic and military resources deployment in the border area” And that, “with growing national strength, China is capable of deploying resources in remote border areas”. It reminds readers of its road and rail network that has been extended---and this is significant---”to the border area with India, Nepal and Bhutan” And ends with the spin off that this confrontation is a “ competition of military strength, as well as a competition of overall economic strength”