When Israel is condemned for its absurd actions; it reacts as if it were the victim of some international anti-Jewish conspiracy.

It throws guilt on the face of the accuser by categorizing them as anti-Semitic when, in fact, its own attacks on Palestine people constitutes de-recognition of a people who can also lay claim to being among the first Semites.

Israel today cites security as the reason why it has built the apartheid wall, installed check points, demolished homes, blockaded Gaza, imprisoned tens and thousands of Palestinians, created bypasses while stealing Palestinian land, established settlements of Jewish populations on Palestinian land, appropriated heritage sites that belong to Palestine and its tourism sector, refused refugees who it dispossessed some 70 years ago re-entry into their homes and villages, and more such evil actions.

But countries in the region allude to Israel as the factor that creates insecurity and that Israel has just one important step it can take to reverse its supposed sense of insecurity- withdraw the occupation and cease its colonialist designs on Arab lands, including The Golan Heights in Syria.

For as long as Israel refuses to withdraw from lands that does not legitimately belong to it, it cannot expect the Arabs to be welcoming neighbours. Israel has imposed on its neighbours a state of war. War is what occupation really is.Israel must ask itself why it has never ever been able to garner support at the level of the United Nations – never a vote in its favour – except through vetoes.

On the contrary, the votes against Israel have been won by wide margins in the General assembly, UNSC and even in the various sub-bodies of the United Nations. Last evening the UN passed a crushing resolution condemning Israel’s use of “use of any excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force" against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. (Margin of vote: 120 to 8). The resolution deprecated the “use of live ammunition against civilian protesters, including children, as well as medical personnel and journalists” and underscoring its “grave concern at the loss of innocent lives”.

Israel is on notice. The BDS is rapidly spreading. If this grows, Israel risks isolation in fields where it is reliant. Israel may then learn to conform to global democracy and avoid seclusion.

Israel must also confront its dual standards. It is a nuclearised state with dangerous weapons in its armory. It is a huge incongruity that while the US wants North Korea to denuclearize, it blinds itself to Israel’s dangerous nuclear secrets.

The US, UK and Canada who practice nuclear apartheid also sustains Israel’s political apartheid. U.S. presidents have secretly agreed not to ask Israel to surrender is nuclear arsenal. This, despite, Israel being the warmonger of the region seeking to destroy any country or leader it despises.

Israel must be stopped in its tracks or else the region will see a proliferation of nuclear weapons. This is no ideal formula but it would be foolish to give Israel an edge knowing its penchant for being reckless during its military assaults.